The Guardian – Weekend crossword No 636 – Mar 18 2023 Crossword Solutions

Clues Answers
1998 animated movie for adults starring Woody Allen and Sharon Stone ANTZ
Ancient Israelite of immense strength? SAMSON
Andy __, host of Radio 4’s The News Quiz ZALTZMAN
Arthur __, Wimbledon champion ASHE
Channel Island east of Guernsey SARK
Grant __, secretary of state for energy and net zero SHAPPS
Hey There __, 2006 song by the Plain White T’s DELILAH
How R.L. Stevenson described his 1878 journey through the Cévennes? TRAVELS
Instrument with which 6 slew a thousand men? JAWBONE
Labour MP for Birmingham Yardley JESS
Programming language – or an island in Indonesia JAVA
See 13 WITHA
See 13 Down DONKEY
Slang term for a vasectomy SNIP
The Saudi capital RIYADH
Type of tea in which the leaves are partially oxidised OOLONG
Venus and Serena __, tennis champions WILLIAMS
Where American football players score touchdowns? ENDZONES
Whom characters in Breaking Bad had learned to call? SAUL
Woodwind instrument OBOE
__ Draper, character in Mad Men played by Jessica Paré MEGAN
__ von der Leyen, President of the European Commission URSULA

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