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The New Yorker – Apr 20 2020 – Puzzle Answers

Published in The New Yorker.

Clues Answers
“Born Free” roles LIONS
“Madame Bovary, ___ moi”: Flaubert CEST
“Never ___ tell thy love”: Blake SEEKTO
“Ni ___” (Mandarin greeting) HAO
“Seasons of Love” musical RENT
“So long!” BYENOW
“This ___ outrage!” ISAN
“To feel ___ is human, to savour Schadenfreude is devilish”: Schopenhauer ENVY
“___ giorno!” BUON
Actress Diana nicknamed the Blonde Bombshell DORS
Arm muscles, in bodybuilding lingo BIS
Bonnie or Clyde BANKROBBER
Book whose introduction asks, “What is a Woman?” THESECONDSEX
Bottom of one’s range LOWNOTE
Carved roughly HEWN
Chinese leader? SINO
Comic Glaser NIKKI
Conan’s network home since 2010 TBS
Conversion technology sometimes used to make handwritten text searchable OCR
Cut back REDUCED
Eight bits BYTE
Film in which Jeff Bridges fights an artificial intelligence TRON
Film movement pioneered by “Bonnie and Clyde” and “The Graduate” NEWHOLLYWOOD
French inn AUBERGE
French quarter? ETE
Frolic SKIP
Game-show host with a star on the Canadian Walk of Fame TREBEK
Got gooey MELTED
Hem again RESEW
How to get change for a five INONES
Impressionist who painted Monet and his family RENOIR
Impressionist who was also a frequent Manet subject MORISOT
Kicked the bucket CROAKED
Kiddo TOT
Kimono sashes OBIS
Language similar to Thai LAO
Lay on thick OVERDO
Made level EVENED
Major scale that uses five black keys on a piano DFLAT
Many social commitments, in the coronavirus era SKYPEDATES
Massachusetts town once home to Edith Wharton and Andrew Carnegie LENOX
Miss. neighbor TENN
More grounded SANER
N.Y.C.-to-Miami dir SSW
Not quite major league AAA
Omani leaders SULTANS
One of fifteen until 1991: Abbr SSR
Part of a lingerie set BRA
Perimeter EDGE
Pixel-density meas RES
Popular, whispery YouTube genre: Abbr ASMR
Prefix with state or color TRI
Rapper Big Daddy ___ KANE
Result of a spit take? DNAANALYSIS
Rifle predecessor MUSKET
River of central Germany EDER
Sedgwick who was one of Warhol’s superstars EDIE
Some travel writing? BEACHREADS
Subtle sign NOD
Take out of circulation, say RETIRE
They might populate a mantel TCHOTCHKES
This: Fr CET
___ Galerie (N.Y.C. locale for Klimts and Schieles) NEUE
___ mitzvah BAT
___ régime ANCIEN