The New Yorker – Apr 27 2020 – Puzzle Answers

Clues Answers
“Aladdin” role GENIE
“And your little dog, too!” dog TOTO
“Anne of Green Gables” setting AVONLEA
“Call Me by Your Name” director Guadagnino LUCA
“Henry and June” scribe NIN
“Miles ___” (1967 jazz record) SMILES
“Road to Morocco” co-star BOBHOPE
“Survivor” affiliation TRIBE
“Tidying Up” life style, per a best-seller and Netflix series KONMARI
“___ & Oh’s” (Grammy-nominated Elle King song) EXS
1887 play that inspired a Puccini opera LATOSCA
A&E reality show “Storage ___” WARS
Aisle PATH
Alumni-magazine verb REUNE
Babe TOT
Bane of Wile E. Coyote TNT
Beef, e.g REDMEAT
Big-billed birds on cereal boxes TOUCANS
Bonehead OAF
Clean up TAKEALL
Confirmation on Gmail SENT
Connection for a circle? GROUPTEXT
Disciplined sort SPARTAN
Dots atop i’s and j’s TITTLES
Dry Italian wine SOAVE
East German secret police STASI
Fall for an extreme winter sport? PARASKI
Find at a frat affair KEG
Freckle relative AGESPOT
Frequent flier AVIATOR
Game that might involve bouncing from brownstone to brownstone STOOPBALL
Garlic sauce AIOLI
Growing business? POTFARM
Gynecologist in the title of a 2000 Robert Altman rom-com DRT
Home to Centennial Olympic Park ATLANTA
In a power pose, maybe AKIMBO
Jaipur wedding attire SARI
Just awful SOBAD
Let out, say ALTERED
Lets off EXEMPTS
Like a pushover MEEK
Like pop flies ARCED
Lip lacquers GLOSSES
Looped neckwear ASCOTS
Marilyn before she was Marilyn NORMA
Migration form VEE
Most grim DOUREST
Moved with care EASED
Neither otters nor twinks BEARS
Nutty, syrupy pastry BAKLAVA
Ones without plus-ones STAGS
Out for the day, say ILL
P.S.T. component STD
Party favor SWAGBAG
Period following the dog days LATESUMMER
Priestly admonishment ITSASIN
Prior AGO
Sarcastic syllable HAR
Speed of sound MACHONE
St. Louis’s ___ Bridge EADS
Thereabouts ORSO
Thinking aloud? HMM
Volkswagen sedans JETTAS
Wearable Italian export ARMANISUIT
Winter climbing tool ICEAXE
You might lower it at swim practice LAPTIME
You see through it CORNEA
___ the Bull (eponymous glue mascot) ELMER
___ turkey JIVE
___-ray BLU

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