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The New Yorker – April 29 2019

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Clues Answers
“Don’t Look Now” director Nicolas ROEG
“I’m disappointed in you!” TSK
“We’d best avoid that topic” DONTASK
1998 Winter Games city NAGANO
2016 Basketball Hall of Fame inductee ONEAL
Ben who played the Wizard in “Wicked” VEREEN
Body of water adjoining Mumbai ARABIANSEA
Bouquet SCENT
Chew ceaselessly GNAW
Churchill’s supporters TORIES
City dubbed the Hollywood of the South ATLANTA
Come before PREDATE
Courtroom recitation OATH
Crasher on a desert island WAVE
Defensive perimeters MOATS
Degree of distinction PHD
Devotee of Austen’s novels JANEITE
Document signed by a judge WARRANT
Dramamine target NAUSEA
East Egg millionaire in “The Great Gatsby” TOM
Fair and square, e.g RHYMES
Framework of panes SASH
Frequent performer of glissandi HARPIST
Fuel that produces no carbon emission when burned AMMONIA
Go astray ERR
Green plant eaters IGUANAS
Had a date night, perhaps ATEOUT
Hydrotherapy facility SPA
In times past AGO
Industrial-revolution creations POORHOUSES
Interior decorator’s selection HUE
Is afflicted with GETS
Items sometimes stored in towers CDS
Leaning Tower of Pisa topper CUPOLA
Meal that’s in flight? PREY
Middle Kingdom artifact SCARAB
No-goodnick RAT
No-goodnick CUR
Nominee for best actress in a musical for “Timbuktu!” EARTHAKITT
One pulling for the team OARSMAN
Passed slowly, as time WOREON
Pastry that David Foster Wallace called “cinnamon toast from hell” ELEPHANTEAR
Person with lots to show you? REALTOR
Pie variety containing both fresh fruit and custard BANANACREAM
Police band transmission, briefly APB
Pop-culture site owned by the Onion AVCLUB
Raid the fridge NOSH
Rainbow Bridge location UTAH
Relentless studier WONK
Relief worker’s need? TERRACOTTA
Renaissance-fair attire ROBE
See 8-Down PATON
Self-titled follow-up LP to “Alice’s Restaurant” ARLO
Shipboard injuries ROPEBURNS
Some bank employees LOANAGENTS
Subject of the 2006 bio-pic “Fur” ARBUS
Substitute SWAP
They’re taken on trips PHOTOS
Train on the plains WAGONS
Tucked away HID
Unable to think clearly INASTEW
Unduly TOO
Unsettle JAR
Veggie whose plant is grown in English gardens as an ornamental RUNNERBEAN
Way to go PATH
What a raised hand signifies STOP
What vaulting poles do BEND
Wiley Post’s occupation AVIATOR
With 20-Across, “Cry, the Beloved Country” author ALAN
Word after flood or floor LAMP