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The New Yorker – April 8 2019

Published in The New Yorker. Tags: , , , .

Clues Answers
“Foucault’s Pendulum” author Umberto ECO
“Get out of here with that!” UHUH
“Hammersmith ___,” live-album venue for Bruce Springsteen and Kate Bush ODEON
“I’ll give you that one” POINTTAKEN
“No guarantees” CAVEATEMPTOR
“Of Miracles” philosopher HUME
“Rap orgies with Porgy and Bess / Capture your bounty like Eliot ___”: Fugees NESS
2018 winner of the Pulitzer Prize for music KENDRICKLAMAR
African bearer of caffeine-containing fruit KOLATREE
Agenda unit ITEM
Air maker MAC
Allusive Beatles song with the line “the Walrus was Paul” GLASSONION
Amy of “Birdman” RYAN
Big moments at the Met SOLI
Blue-and-white shark MAKO
Brooding sort HEN
Bygone team named for the 1967 World’s Fair MONTREALEXPOS
Channels through which qi flows, to an acupuncturist MERIDIANS
Cure for Navy blues? MORALEBOOSTER
Dallas hoopster, in headlines MAV
Epic that ends with Hector’s funeral ILIAD
Fast-food restaurant with a ten-gallon-hat logo ARBYS
Faust and Méphistophélès, for two OPERAROLES
Feminist-satire Web site founded in 2013 REDUCTRESS
Finland’s largest company NOKIA
Gloomy DRAB
Guards, often BALLHANDLERS
Hasidism, e.g SECT
Higher up SUPERIOR
Hit the bottle TOPE
Home to Dollywood and Graceland: Abbr TENN
Jam ingredients? AUTOS
James who plays Cyclops in 29-Down films MARSDEN
Joshes RIBS
Letter on Supergirl’s costume ESS
Like some profs: Abbr ASST
Made pigeon-like sounds COOED
Mahershala of “Moonlight” ALI
Matches the scorecard, in golf SHOOTSPAR
Moving one’s knee a lot, maybe TENSE
Not a good thing to go to, in a phrase THEDOGS
Noted San Francisco L.G.B.T.-friendly neighborhood, with “the” CASTRO
One organizing constituent outreach, say AIDE
Opportunity for public discussion FORUM
Phencyclidine, colloquially ANGELDUST
Phi ___ (certain sorority girl, colloquially) SIG
Pintura o escultura ARTE
Rogue group? XMEN
Set schedules? CALLSHEETS
Shed inhibitions LETGO
Site of a famous school-desegregation battle LITTLEROCK
Snowman in “Frozen” OLAF
Sound of rebuke TSK
Start of a rhyme about a tiger EENY
Storm-tracking systems RADARS
Swirls, as batter STIRS
Symbol of solidarity FIST
Thick slice SLAB
Tons of MANY
Ugly, to Ugarte FEO
What “~” or “!” sometimes mean, in code NOT
What low brightness may indicate SLEEPMODE
What you might turn your head sideways to read, in a bookstore SPINE
Words of defeat ILOSE
___ Simpson, author of “Anywhere But Here” MONA
___ Tour PGA