The New Yorker – Aug 13 2018

Clues Answers
“The Goldfinch” author TARTT
9 to 10, say SLOT
Advance RISE
Air India flight-attendant uniform SARI
Baseball Hall of Famer Robin YOUNT
Big hearts, maybe ACES
Chain unit STORE
Church with more than sixteen mil. members worldwide LDS
Commits a common workplace faux pas REPLIESALL
Cortés’s gold ORO
CT-scanner part XRAYTUBE
Dead: prefix NECRO
Elysiums EDENS
Essential component of protein synthesis, for short RRNA
Everett of “An Ideal Husband” RUPERT
Filmmaker Baumbach NOAH
Fixed SET
Fratty Silicon Valley type BROGRAMMER
Game with wild cards UNO
Hardy heroine TESS
High up on the Eiffel Tower HAUT
Hitchcockian EERIE
Humanities subj REL
Inside job? MRI
Is precariously placed TOTTERS
It’s cut in “Un Chien Andalou” EYE
Its flag features twelve golden stars EUROPE
Kate or Rooney of Hollywood MARA
Keep apprised, in a way BCC
Lace tips AGLETS
Lb. or oz AMT
Like an emeritus prof RET
Like Moscow’s St. Basil’s Cathedral ONIONDOMED
Lose crispiness SOG
Clues Answers
Löwenthal of the the Frankfurt School LEO
Macron’s law LOI
Makes claustrophobic CLOSESINON
Miscalculate, say ERR
Most custardy EGGIEST
Music’s Gray MACY
Navigation abbr SSE
Network std. for smartphones LTE
Newman from “Seinfeld,” e.g MAILMAN
Nineteenth-century British working-class reform movement CHARTISM
On tenterhooks ATIP
One side of the Kinsey scale, informally HETERO
Opponent of Luther during the Protestant Reformation ECK
Penn and others STAS
Petition to a higher court Certiorari
Procedural figs SGTS
Puts on the books ENACTS
Relative of the canary SERIN
Role played by Leonardo DiCaprio on film and Orlando Bloom on stage ROMEO
Ruled by the one per cent PLUTOCRATIC
Scoreboard fig PTS
Series finales?: Abbr ETCS
Some club members ELKS
Some orders with fried rice TSINGTAOS
Strictly speaking TOBEPRECISE
Subjects for Canova and Botticelli THREEGRACES
Symbol of racial subjugation SUNKENPLACE
The cost of being a female consumer PINKTAX
They witnessed the rise of the blogosphere and reality TV EARLYAUGHTS
Throws tomatoes JEERS
Valerie Solanas and Donna Haraway wrote famous ones MANIFESTOS
Whistle-blower TOOTER

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