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The New Yorker – Aug 20 2018

Published in The New Yorker. Tags: , , , , , , .

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Clues Answers
“A ____ his raceā€”the human race”: Joe Louis, according to Jimmy Cannon CREDITTO
“An honest mistake! Relax!” ACCIDENTSHAPPEN
“Ever hear of Google?” LOOKITUP
“Invincible” victim of Hercules ANTAEUS
“Just ___!” ASK
A frat boy might flip you for it KEGSTAND
Addy and xany, e.g MEDS
Annual superhero gathering COMICCON
Argentina has two of them ENS
Baby photographer who’s sold more than thirteen million calendars ANNEGEDDES
Baby ___ BUMPS
Believers in plant spirits ANIMISTS
Best Actress winner for “Room” BRIELARSON
Bike-basket rider of note TOTO
Billboard-chart calculations STREAMS
Bird of myth ROC
Black-tea type ASSAM
Bold sign LEO
Bridge call REBID
Bush-baby predator BLACKMAMBA
Candy show, familiarly SCTV
Celebrity pairings ITEMS
Chalet backdrop ALPS
Contributes ADDS
Cool astronomical giant SSTAR
Daytime program SOAP
Dumbledore’s ___ ARMY
Dwells (on) HARPS
Explanatory intro IMEAN
Favre on the field BRETT
Fielding statistic ERRORS
Flanders patriarch NED
Free climbers knowingly risk it DEATH
Grocery section DAIRY
Hall mate? OATES
Hawaii’s coffee coast KONA
Here, to Henri ICI
Hot spot SAHARA
Instrument made of pipes PANFLUTE
It can write upside down SPACEPEN
Jerks you can’t help TICS
Many a Twitter thread RANT
Monied actress and Instagrammer Louise who once called a critic “adorably out of touch” LINTON
Network choice TMOBILE
Nixon with a voice MARNI
Nonprofit journalism org APNEWS
Notable 2018 benchmark MIDTERM
One clicking “Remember me,” maybe USER
One of the New7Wonders of the World PETRA
Online-notification option MUTE
Philosopher Pascal BLAISE
Phonies SHAMS
Pre-Columbian power INCAEMPIRE
Prepare to hit AIMAT
Rust bucket HEAP
Sanders org KFC
She played an animated Disney princess banished to live-action New York City AMYADAMS
Site of a 1976 South African uprising SOWETO
Sociological concern NORM
The Beatles’ “Maggie ___” MAE
They see what you mean? LIPREADERS
Titular Henry James heroine MAISIE
Todd who directed “Far from Heaven” HAYNES
Verbal shrug MEH
Wedding resolution VOW
___ day SNOW
___ de menthe CREME
___ The Magazine, formerly known as Modern Maturity AARP