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The New Yorker – Aug 6 2018

Published in The New Yorker. Tags: , , , , , , .

Clues Answers
“Feel Free: Essays” writer, 2018 ZADIESMITH
“Green” product sticker ECOLABEL
“I’m gonna be straight with you …” REALTALK
“In all probability …” ODDSARE
“Maleness means ___”: Charlotte Perkins Gilman WAR
“Milk” director VANSANT
“Orange is the New Black” actress LAVERNECOX
“Pipe down!” SHH
“Seize the Time” author Bobby SEALE
“The Ethical ___,” relationship guide with a reclamatory title SLUT
1967 Hendrix hit FIRE
1985 hit whose music video featured thousands of line drawings TAKEONME
2013 novel that 17-Across praised for its confident female characters AMERICANAH
Ailurophiles CATLOVERS
Assembled SAT
Au fait ADEPT
B’way sign SRO
Benson who voiced Disney’s Ariel JODI
Berniecrat’s target ONEPERCENT
Blood KIN
Breaches GULFS
Building site LOT
Bygone Brooklyn-born senator with the memoir “Power, Pasta, and Politics” ALDAMATO
Cavity PIT
Charlatan FAKER
Denounces as radical REDBAITS
Dilettante’s dabblings ARTS
Editor’s job application? GOOGLEDOCS
Everything alternative ONION
Fashion MAKE
Gatsby-era architecture style DECO
Give away LEAK
Gloucester and Kent, in “King Lear” EARLS
Hairdresser’s handful TRESS
Clues Answers
He-man archenemy who’s the subject of much memeing SKELETOR
Head of staff? CLEF
Julio Cort├ízar’s “___ armas secretas” LAS
Keynesians : ___ :: Modern monetary theorists : owls DOVES
Matrix GRID
McCarthy played him on “S.N.L.” SPICER
Narrow focus of much of the school-reform movement TESTSCORES
Noted nineteen-thirties obscenity case “United States v. One Book Called ___” ULYSSES
Part of Italy where Calabria is TOE
Pastry in an oft-parodied post-hit Peter Clemenza quip CANNOLI
Patron saint at sea ELMO
Pieces from a drawer? CELS
Place with solutions, perhaps LAB
Prevarication LIE
Pynchonian executrix ___ Maas OEDIPA
Rapturous delight ECSTASY
Reactor safety org NRC
Result of successful Tindering, maybe HOTDATE
Runyon who wrote “Guys and Dolls” DAMON
Salalah citizens OMANIS
Show with characters named after Bakunin, Grotius, and Ram Dass LOST
Small change? DIME
Stared out the window GAZED
Stockpile AMASS
Superman, at birth KALEL
Target of reform for the Philadelphia district attorney, Larry Krasner BAIL
Tennyson heroine ENID
Took off SETSAIL
Undergrad’s armloads TEXTS
Understanding responses AHS
Velvet Underground song covered by the Cowboy Junkies SWEETJANE
Word with skinny or cheese DIP
Words after “Doth not Brutus bootless kneel?” ETTU
Zax or awl TOOL
___ Coin, “Hunger Games” despot ALMA
___ Lucie Ernestine Marie Bertrand de Beauvoir SIMONE