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The New Yorker – Jul 16 2018

Published in The New Yorker. Tags: , , , , , , .

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Clues Answers
“But it wasn’t a dream. It was a place. And you, and you, and you … and you ___ there” WERE
“Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous” host Robin LEACH
“My word!” HOWVULGAR
“Who shot J.R.?” soap DALLAS
Be hot, in Britain LOOKATREAT
Better arranged NEATER
Beverly Cleary “pest” RAMONA
Bilingual kids’ heroine DORA
Bird call CAW
Blazing heaps PYRES
Bog babies EFTS
Break the ice, finally TALK
Breakfast you can make in a rice cooker HOTOATMEAL
Bump in the road POTHOLE
Bygone Turkish inns IMARETS
Campus building HALL
Chilling ATEASE
Class hurdle EXAM
Coastal counterpart to L.A. Fitness NYSC
Convoy communicator CBER
Death Row Records founder, casually DRE
Decorates on Mischief Night TPS
Director DuVernay AVA
Doctor’s assistant, maybe LABTECH
Endoscopy targets ILEA
Grammy recipient for U2’s “The Joshua Tree” ENO
It’s a rap RATATAT
Kewl RAD
King or Senator, in headlines NHLER
Lacking any reason (with “for”) NOEXCUSE
Like some Starbucks cups TALL
Mail-order giant LLBEAN
Many a candidates’ goal: Abbr PHD
Milk’s cause LGBTRIGHTS
Mineraloid found on Mars OPAL
Mobile type NOMAD
Clues Answers
Modern threats to your identity DATAHEISTS
Mogul Whitman MEG
Mouth full of water? OPENTAP
Mystically obscure RUNIC
Noir heroine, maybe DAME
North affair IRANCONTRA
Not those THESE
One quick to get the claws out HELLCAT
One-spot card ACE
Paint target, for PETA SABLE
Pilar’s people GENTE
Plasma component BLOODCELLS
Popeye’s “boy-kid” SWEEPEA
Poughkeepsie college VASSAR
Powder mineral TALC
Present opener OMNI
Restless ITCHY
Ring outcomes TKOS
Risked capture, say HID
Rte. words STS
Savings obstacle DEBT
Shoe shop BOOTERY
Soaks up SOPS
Some early doodles CAVEART
Sportscaster Hershiser OREL
Spousal denial NODEAR
Superdome home, casually NOLA
Take it up a few notches, in hip-hop GETCRUNK
Taken in, say ALTERED
Taxi driver in “Taxi” NARDO
The America’s Cup, for one YACHTRACE
Tip you dip TOE
Tour accessory GOLFCAP
Words before retaliation THATSIT
___ spoon (cheap eats) GREASY