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The New Yorker – Jul 30 2018

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Clues Answers
“Ciertamente!” SISI
“Deadly” deed SIN
“Fear of Dying” writer Jong ERICA
“Full Metal Jacket” org USMC
“I’m listening …” SPEAKTOME
“Pressing” things NEEDS
“Space Ghost” cartoonist Alex TOTH
“Taken” star NEESON
“This is no joke!” IMEANIT
“To write is human, to ___ divine” (Stephen King) EDIT
“Venus Envy” author Rita ___ Brown MAE
“Yeah, like that’s going to happen” OHSURE
App reviewers, often ENDUSERS
Backdrop for “The House of Mirth” GILDEDAGE
Badger for bucks DUN
Barclays Center team THENETS
Birthplace of St. Francis ASSISI
Bogey man? GOLFER
Boutique section PETITES
Buck, to a sawbuck ONETENTH
Buffalo Bill’s family name CODY
Burrowing critter MARMOT
Cab seeker’s aid, perhaps WINELIST
Candide’s apple POMME
Classes in biology? GENERA
Coleridge’s “___ Khan” KUBLA
Comic Boosler who hosted the 1993 White House Correspondents’ Dinner ELAYNE
Complete ENTIRE
Conflicted TORN
Daily grind RUT
Electric guitar innovator Paul LES
Etching solutions ACIDS
Exit à la a drama queen STORMOUT
Clues Answers
Halcyon SERENE
Hide in a closet? SUEDE
Hoopster’s footwork PIVOT
Inventor who died in The New Yorker Hotel TESLA
Lamp lighter KEROSENE
On cloud nine INHEAVEN
One-piece bodysuits UNITARDS
Paté crockery from Le Creuset TERRINES
Plant with green, maroon and pink leaves COLEUS
Point in time (usually fleeting) when enemies put aside their differences KUMBAYAMOMENT
Pool or polo, e.g GAME
Psi or Y, e.g PENULT
Pulitzer- and Tony-winning playwright Tracy LETTS
Recover from a paper cut, say HEALUP
Sally won an Oscar for playing her in 1979 NORMA
Shower with flowers, perhaps WOO
Sound from a sauté pan SSS
Sports drink suffix ADE
Sun of Seville SOL
Taking drugs prescribed by a doc ONMEDS
Tea towel material LINEN
The same amount ASMUCH
Theocratic regime in “The Handmaid’s Tale” GILEAD
Thin ropes CORDS
To be, in Giverny ETRE
Tom Cochrane’s “Life ___ Highway” ISA
Treebeard’s race ENT
Up and about ARISEN
Vegetable variety ROOT
Verse forms used by Dante and Auden SESTINAS
West end? ERN