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The New Yorker – Jul 9 2018

Published in The New Yorker. Tags: , , , , , , .

Clues Answers
“Anatomy of Criticism” author FRYE
“Silent ___” CAL
“___ Mom” TEEN
1956 crisis site SUEZ
All DJ Khaled does, evidently WIN
Balsas y Lerma RIOS
Beethoven wrote a bagatelle for her ELISE
Boston Tea Party agitator Benjamin EDES
Buzzy place APIARY
Call from home? SAFE
Chamomile alternative SAGETEA
Classic cars GTOS
Climactic “Trainspotting” scene RAVE
Clinch SEAL
Company acquired by Amazon in 2013 GOODREADS
Conservative ideology TORYISM
Dan Flavin works NEONS
Dirección from Mexicali to Tijuana OESTE
Discipline that draws from Marxist, feminist, and critical race theory CULTURALSTUDIES
Famous last word AMEN
Famous platforms for literary experimentation LITTLEMAGAZINES
Fashion again REMOLD
Final, maybe ESSAYTEST
Flat, as a character ONENOTE
Founder of Rhyme $yndicate Records ICET
Fraction of a Newton DYNE
Georgia or Geneva FONT
H&M sister store COS
History makers? URLS
Jackson who was the first gospel singer to perform at Carnegie Hall MAHALIA
Libertarian’s bugaboo NANNYSTATE
Like a roc AVIAN
Like some marriages SAMESEX
Clues Answers
Love child? CUPID
Mimed APED
Nativity-scene features WISEMEN
Nautical ropes HAWSERS
New Left org SDS
Only Protestant justice GORSUCH
Prime-time time EVENING
Publication with an annual “Top 200 Collectors” list ARTNEWS
Puppet TOOL
River through Silesia ODER
Robert L. Scott’s metaphor for God COPILOT
Sanguine ROSY
Self-proclaimed Family City, U.S.A OREM
Seven: Prefix HEPTA
Singer with the 1996 triple-platinum album “Tidal” FIONAAPPLE
Smoked up USEDPOT
Some A.C.L.U. employees ATTS
Some Airbnb listings HOSTELS
Some guard dogs, for short SHEPS
Soupçon TAD
Southern hip-hop genre TRAP
Subject of a scandalous Sargent portrait MADAMEX
Subway stop: Abbr STA
Surveying instrument THEODOLITE
Suspect FEAR
Title NAME
Toast topper AVOCADO
Transgender model with Gucci and L’Oréal campaigns HARINEF
Wedding couple? DEES
Went sniggling EELED
Wife or granddaughter of Charlie Chaplin OONA
___ Locks (Great Lakes connectors) SOO
___-transfer process DYE