The New Yorker – Jun 11 2018

Clues Answers
“Call Me By Your Name” setting VILLA
“Feel me?” SEE
“Same” ASAMI
“wait, wut??” SRSLY
“You can stop twisting my arm now” IGIVEUP
10-Across, informally NAW
10-Down, politely NOSIR
2018 winner of the Pulitzer Prize for fiction LESS
Appointments SLOTS
Author Stanley ELKIN
Band transport WAGON
Birthplace of “Americanah” author Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie NIGERIA
Blotched prowler CALICO
British beltways RINGROADS
Buck who played with Paige and coached Banks ONEIL
Céline Dion and Barbra Streisand’s “Tell ___” HIM
Earns an athletic ban, perhaps DOPES
Emily Dickinson’s “We shun it ___ it comes” ERE
Fixed-heel sporting item ALPINESKI
Forego timelines for a spell LOGOFF
Fulfills SATES
Genesis battle, maybe CONSOLEWAR
Half of a nineteen-eighties sitcom duo ALLIE
Hip, hoppy brew BLONDEALE
Hostess ___ Balls SNO
Langston Hughes poem “I, ___” TOO
Lic. to drill DDS
Like John Singer Sargent’s “Male Nudes Wrestling” HOMOEROTIC
Makes a bowline TIESAKNOT
Makes good on sweater weather, maybe KNITS
Many a developer LANDOWNER
Market launch, for short IPO
Clues Answers
McGregor of “Emma” EWAN
Mixed up with INAMONG
Modern horror installment SAWV
No friend to a loser GLOATER
One whose tongue is constantly in a twist, maybe BADKISSER
Ones frequently behind bars PLASMATVS
Ones looking for a cause CORONERS
Outfit with a symbol, often GANG
Overruns INFESTS
Paper binder TWINE
Pending TOCOME
Pot’s worth, initially ANTES
Provide clear terms? ENUNCIATE
Radii neighbors ULNAE
Reaction ___ GIF
Ribbed, like a cable CORDED
S.S.N., e.g IDNO
Sad return on a sweet offer? IMONADIET
Sideshow ___ (Krusty sidekick) MEL
Slick one DEVIL
Some prime-time honors SAGAWARDS
Someone likely to sing WUSS
Sources of collaborative content WIKIS
Stone of music SLY
Stylist Vidal SASSOON
Suckers VACS
Swiss mountaineers’ instrument ALPHORN
Take it back REPOSSESS
Tell a story LIETO
They have a habit of tripping ACIDHEADS
Tony-winning Tracy Letts play, “August: ___ County” OSAGE
Trouble ADO
___ Fein SINN

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