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The New Yorker – Jun 18 2018

Published in The New Yorker. Tags: , , , , , , .

Clues Answers
“Damn Yankees” temptress LOLA
“Her” or “It” MOVIE
“Oblige me, if you would” BEADEAR
“The Earth is a very small stage in a vast cosmic arena” speaker SAGAN
“The World Factbook” publisher, briefly CIA
“___ Erdmann” (European Film Awards sweeper, in 2016) TONI
“___ You Experienced” (1967 rock album) ARE
Administer, as punishment DISHOUT
Be inclined? BOW
Believer in wu wei TAOIST
Bessemer converter’s output STEEL
Book of Genesis trickster SERPENT
Bordeaux, to Brits CLARET
Bulldogs’ boosters ELIS
Buyers of stock shopkeepers
Catholic pilgrimage site in France LOURDES
Cause of flooding and droughts ELNINO
Causes all sorts of problems WREAKSHAVOC
Choose to succeed ANOINT
Coach for the minors? YOUTHPASTOR
Deposits on an island MAROONS
Discontinued Betty Crocker salad topping BACOS
Discouraging response to a knock GOAWAY
Distance between M.L.B. bases, in feet NINETY
Drysdale dam EWE
Eggs eaten with toast ROE
Eliot : Evans :: Bell : ___ BRONTE
Evening preyer? BEDBUG
Falstaff’s companion HAL
Fine specimen BEAUT
Fish with the biggest brain MANTA
Flipper’s interest REALTY
Gaffe paper? ERRATA
Clues Answers
Harmful to your health DELETERIOUS
Lays eyes on SPOTS
Like chestnuts OLD
Medication nicknamed “blue diamond” VIAGRA
Middle Kingdom amulet SCARAB
Missing nothing RAPT
Miter-joint cut BEVEL
N.Y.S.E. nickname, with “the” BIGBOARD
Nineteen-fifties actor dubbed the Rugged Romeo ALDORAY
Odysseus, to Laertes SON
One going right after the sixties NEOCON
Org. with an Office of Water EPA
Pass the jamb ENTER
Prized part of a beef? THELASTWORD
Reduce to rags REND
Sea that now produces dust storms ARAL
Sealant at sea TAR
Spreads open UNROLLS
Strands in your hair DNA
Sugar substitute? CUTIEPIE
Tempur-Pedic acquisition of 2012 SEALY
The lion’s share MOST
Theatrical opening? TRAPDOOR
They’re bigger than tabloids BROADSHEETS
Throne-room address SIRE
Time for a special calendar ADVENT
Top story ATTIC
Unmatched ODD
Use a crib CHEAT
Where the Marathon des Sables (“Marathon of the Sands”) is run SAHARA
Word that literally means “good news” GOSPEL