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The New Yorker – Jun 4 2018

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Clues Answers
“A Winter’s Tale” king LEONTES
“Snug as ___ . . .” ABUG
“____ got you trapped, Rose” (“Titanic”) THEYVE
1979 Polanski adaption TESS
2011 Palme d’Or winner TREEOFLIFE
Acrobat, e.g PDFREADER
Ahmed and Gilbert, e.g SARAS
Aid for the directionless GOOGLEMAPS
Alternative to cafés THES
Anxiety disorder, for short OCD
Azerbaijan’s capital BAKU
Beans and greens SIDES
Blue: Sp AZUL
Brief word RES
Core principles? LIBERALARTS
Duke of the Dodgers SNIDER
DVI or USB, e.g PORT
E-Type or F-Type, informally JAG
Fast cars? ACELA
For whose sake? PETES
Freestyle, e.g RAP
Furtive SLY
Garten on the Food Network INA
Gold-rush activity SIEVING
Grilling command? ANSWERME
Her “mind is analytical and her style ebullient,” per Muriel Spark RENATAADLER
Hit maker? GAT
Indian royal MAHARANI
It’s human, for Pope TOERR
It’s promised with a promise ring ABSTINENCE
Italian capital, once LIRE
Like a retired prof EMER
Like Santa’s helpers ELFIN
Like the highest part of the physical plane, in theosophy ETHERIC

Clues Answers
Lofty line: Abbr TEL
Lofty lines ODE
Mansplainers have two CENTS
Motorsports magazine RACER
Music’s India ARIE
Oldies collection, maybe LPS
Org. that certifies platinum and gold RIAA
Owns, in Shakespeare HAST
Passes, say GETSAGRADE
Picture SEE
Play to the back of the room, say EMOTE
Political philosopher Strauss LEO
Processor processor INTEL
Pulitzer winner “Locking Up ___ Own” OUR
Pulitzer-winning critic Richard EDER
Refuse DROSS
River to the North Sea WESER
Sample-sale locations POPUPSTORES
Scruffs NAPES
Secret rival BAN
Service with more than a hundred million subscribers AMAZONPRIME
Shapes MOLDS
She “mistakes lack of civility for vitality,” according to 4-Across PAULINEKAEL
She teaches the “sweet if dangerous fun of self-love,” per Alice Walker AUDRELORDE
She writes with “computer lyricism,” according to Elizabeth Hardwick JOANDIDION
Short-lived series hosted by Larry Wilmore, for short TNS
Solvers’ cries AHAS
They may be taken by college seniors GRES
They may be taken by high-school seniors APTESTS
Trump TOP
Very-short-story writer Davis LYDIA
Wedding announcement adjective NEE
With good judgment SAGACIOUSLY
Woodworking joint MITRE
___ de Peau Beauté CLE