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The New Yorker – March 25 2019

Published in The New Yorker. Tags: , , , .

Clues Answers
“All My Children” villain ___ Kane ERICA
“Don’t give me that!” PSHAW
AC/DC song that ends with the line “Watch me explode” TNT
At ease at soirées URBANE
Ballerina’s leap JETE
Break a promise, in Britain CRYOFF
City connected to America by the Bridge of the Americas JUAREZ
Company hurt by the 1980 Olympics boycott NBC
Continuity problems GAPS
Core group? SEEDS
Country singer Haggard MERLE
Did a Don Corleone impression RASPED
Digital wallet for iPhone users APPLEPAY
Divided INTWO
Driver’s-ed topic AUTOSAFETY
Effect of tragedy, according to Aristotle CATHARSIS
Exemplary service ACE
Extract in Ovaltine MALT
First post-Communist nation to join the eurozone SLOVENIA
Florentine sculptor of “Perseus with the Head of Medusa” CELLINI
Flowering plant named for its sticky stems CATCHFLY
Form filled out by a library patron CALLSLIP
Future output? RAP
Garment worn with ghillie brogues KILT
Got behind something HID
He and Steve McQueen were pallbearers at Bruce Lee’s funeral JAMESCOBURN
Infiniti rival ACURA
It’s straight and curled BARBELL
Kriegsmarine craft UBOAT
Life-and-death MAJOR
Like baroque furniture ORNATE
Like sumo wrestlers OBESE
Make a copy of CLONE
Make suds BREW
Meat in a croque monsieur HAM
Member of the fam SIS
Midway to mad HALFCRAZED
Neither hot nor cool UNHIP
Old Presidential nickname ABE
One left holding the bag? CHIPCLIP
Performer who’s rarely off the charts HITMAKER
Phonograph abbr RPM
Pioneer’s accomplishments FIRSTS
Provide for free COMP
Quinceañera, for one FIESTA
Racetrack boundary RAIL
Renders spotless, in a way DRYCLEANS
Retro counter ABACUS
River that feeds Lake Erie HURON
Rooster’s crowing time SUNUP
Sideways scuttlers CRABS
Small and rounded NODULAR
Stick in a lock OAR
Study through a spyglass PEERAT
Takes longer than expected RUNSLATE
Talk up LAUD
Target of condemnation HOVEL
Tell-tale items? BOWANDARROW
They may get kinky HOSES
Three-term senator from Maine SNOWE
TV weatherman’s projections? MAPS
Unlikely place to see a blockbuster ARTHOUSE
Unnecessarily long, as a path SNAKY
Unproductive, addictive activity TIMESUCK
Unused LEFT
Use a plastic ring, perhaps TEETHE
Words spoken in wards ITSAGIRL