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The New Yorker – May 20 2019

Published in The New Yorker. Tags: , , , .

Clues Answers
“Call Me By Your Name” name ELIO
“Don’t be embarrassed” WEALLDOIT
“___ autre” (“No other”: Fr.) NUL
“___ Just Not That Into You” HES
A hundred yrs CEN
Acetone or fructose KETONE
American holiday commemorating the end of slavery in the United States JUNETEENTH
Anthony Michael Hall role, say NERD
Biblical character with an appearance in “Beowulf” CAIN
Big name in baseball cards TOPPS
Bougie bowl ingredient ACAI
C and D, on many flights AISLESEATS
Celebrity chef with cameos in “Casino” and “Austin Powers in Goldmember” NOBU
Clothing trend that Morgan Stanley has predicted will have a global market size of eighty-three billion dollars by 2020 ATHLEISURE
Curtail REIN
Damage MAR
Degree from RISD or SVA, say BFA
Dr. Scholl’s product GELINSOLES
Dress like, for a costume party GOAS
Eckhart who wrote “The Power of Now” TOLLE
Eclectic RAGTAG
Epithet for a New Ager FREESPIRIT
Exhausted WORN
Ferris’s girlfriend SLOANE
Flint’s state: Abbr MICH
French demonstrative CES
Got back, as hair REGREW
Half of a nineteen-nineties comedic duo KEL
Highly dramatic person EMOTER
Interior view XRAY
Intoxicated LIT
Island off Venezuela ARUBA
Israel’s Olmert or Barak EHUD
It has largely replaced the autograph SELFIE
It’s saved in a crash BACKUPFILE
Juliette of “Cache” and “Clouds of Sils Maria” BINOCHE
Kind of code or service POSTAL
Lay _____ thick ITON
Like Jennifer Lopez or Mario López LATINX
Like the lead characters on “Insecure” and “Broad City” TWENTYSOMETHING
Like tiny sunglasses and CBD, these days TRENDY
Longtime Disney C.E.O EISNER
Mexican state bordering Arizona SONORA
Often sexist superlative SHRILLEST
One being honored, maybe INDUCTEE
Org. historically associated with Sinn Féin IRA
Org. with Canucks and Canadiens NHL
Pad see ew cuisine THAI
Product often advertised during sporting events VIAGRA
Provoke ELICIT
Relative of a Yodel HOHO
Reply to a host RSVP
Salt Lake City player UTE
Sex symbol? BITEMARK
Shoelace tip AGLET
Spanish demonstrative ESO
The name of the one who’s gonna last, in “Thank U, Next” ARI
Travelocity and Orbitz attachment ETICKETS
Verizon purchase of 2015 AOL
Vim and vigor ELAN
Western Hemisphere grp OAS
What James Dean lacked in a 1955 classic film ACAUSE
With unevenness JAGGEDLY
___ Institute, conservative think tank CATO
___ Styles, lead character in “Boyz n the Hood” TRE
___ the Conqueror, Marvel supervillain KANG
___-Roni RICEA