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The New Yorker – May 21 2018

Published in The New Yorker. Tags: , , , , , , .

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Clues Answers
“Cool,” back in the day HEP
“I Like It Here” novelist AMIS
“Jeez!” OHMAN
“Super” org PAC
“Trap House” rapper ___ Mane GUCCI
“Turning Tables” artist ADELE
“Walking ___” (Missing Persons single) INLA
“___ Shanter” (Burns poem) TAMO
2000 Peace Nobelist Kim ___-jung DAE
Bio text subject RNA
Bird named for a Greek Titan RHEA
Cape Cod cookout CLAMBAKE
Cash stash TILL
Child of Noah SHEM
Cinema style VERITE
Come into INHERIT
Complex type OEDIPAL
Crooks may run afoul of it THELAW
Dance at Connie’s wedding in “The Godfather” TARANTELLA
Dark cloud PALL
Darling of the Sorbonne? CHERI
Didn’t collapse HELD
Displayed EVINCED
Dos Passos trilogy USA
Dump STY
During an unspecified moment in time ATONEPOINT
Elect OPT
Enrollee in an anger-management class RAGEAHOLIC
Facebook action LIKE
Former SeaWorld headliner SHAMU
Get rough and red CHAP
Good for sledding HILLY
Have some pull ATTRACT
His “L’Absinthe” was originally titled “Dans un Café” DEGAS
Clues Answers
Hitch SNAG
Insurance rep AGT
Justice Dept. heads AGS
Knife STAB
Lance on the bench ITO
Like pelicans WEBFOOTED
List ender ETALII
Matt’s replacement on “Today” HODA
Mobile home owners? ALABAMANS
Nineteen-sixties activist YIPPIE
One of the Medicis? UNO
One-third of DCVI CCII
Pearl Jam’s début album TEN
Pensive poem ELEGY
Plaster smoothers TROWELS
Proof word ERAT
Ready- ___ (pre-cooked) TOEAT
Ripped apart TOREUP
Say it isn’t so DENY
She’s Watson on “Elementary” LIU
Sicilian cathedral city MESSINA
Squabbles SETTOS
St. Louis hrs CST
Stage hog? HAMACTOR
Stalls out, as a car engine LOSESPOWER
Suffix with pun or prank STER
These days LATELY
They hang around sports bars LCDTVS
Thought leader? AFTER
Titian’s “Ecce ___” HOMO
Total ADD
Undergo HAVE
Use a Swingline STAPLE
Vaccine variety ORAL
White House press secretary before Sanders SPICER