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The New Yorker – May 6 2019

Published in The New Yorker. Tags: , , , .

Clues Answers
“Avatar” language NAVI
“Ça m’est ___” EGAL
“Central Park Reel” composer Lukas FOSS
“Orinoco Flow” genre NEWAGE
“Say Yeah” rapper whose surname means “successor” in Arabic WIZKHALIFA
“To Live and Die ___” INLA
“___ crying out loud!” OHFOR
“___ Theme” (“Doctor Zhivago” melody) LARAS
Ad-agency creations SLOGANS
Airhead TWIT
Alsatian creation with a caramelized filling ONIONTART
Arctic digs IGLOO
Aristotle’s “waking dream” HOPE
Automaker headquartered in Hiroshima MAZDA
Bankbook abbr INT
Be relaxed STAYLOOSE
Biblical kingdom ELAM
Bivouac bed COT
Bumbler’s cry OOPS
Cadenzas, e.g SOLI
Chirping reptiles GECKOS
Colleague of Clarence and Sonia ELENA
Coral-reef dweller EEL
Daily ___ (political blog) KOS
Devoured the Neapolitan novels, say BINGEREAD
Do a slow burn SEETHE
Earth, to Mahler ERDE
Easy job for a projectionist ONEREELER
Eggs, to an oologist OVA
Emily Dickinson’s “For every Bird ___” ANEST
Exposed pranksters STREAKERS
Grassy expanses LEAS
Hair dryer TOWEL
Hank Aaron’s 3,771 HITS
Icing on the cake, often VANILLAFROSTING
Imitative or silly APISH
Implore URGE
Jennifer’s co-star in “The Hunger Games” LIAM
Least refined RAWEST
Like Bo Peep’s flock OVINE
MacArthur-grant-winning cartoonist Bechdel ALISON
Major League V.I.P.s MGRS
Massenet opera that premiéred in 1884 MANON
Mooring spot PIER
Mops up CLEANS
Morsels in a shepherd’s pie PEAS
Olympic swimmer Janet known for her unconventional “windmill” stroke EVANS
Ordained group CLERGY
Poet Juana ___ de la Cruz INES
Potala Palace city LHASA
Prefix with scope or morph ENDO
Pushes to the limit TESTS
Rickety ship TUB
Saint Teresa’s birthplace AVILA
Sketched DREW
Some auto-repair-shop applications PAINTJOBS
Sonny Rollins song débuted by Miles Davis and performed by John Coltrane OLEO
Sorts (through) SIFTS
Submarine-shaped lunch HERO
Taking care of business ONIT
Trowel-wielding artisan PLASTERER
U.S.N.A. rank ENS
Veep between Hubert and Gerald SPIRO
Vintage stickers? WINELABELS
Wee warbler TOMTIT
Well-populated areas? OILFIELDS
Wheedle CAJOLE
Winter Olympics squad SKITEAM
Without end, in poetry ETERNE
Yale grad Whitney ELI
___ Club SAMS