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The New Yorker – May 7 2018

Published in The New Yorker. Tags: , , , , , , , .

Clues Answers
“Booyakasha!” persona ALIG
“It just might break your heart” SOSAD
“Mistress of the Dark” ELVIRA
“My ____!” HERO
“Oh, I know her” WEVEMET
“Tutte ___ cor vi sento” (Mozart aria) NEL
“Uh-huh” YEP
“___ Eisley cantina” MOS
“____ your heart!” BLESS
Afro-Brazilian martial art CAPOEIRA
After-dinner option MOUSSE
Alternative to a case? FORTY
Armadas FLEETS
Bathroom sink fitting PTRAP
Bayou basketful FRIEDSHRIMP
Blues range? TEALS
Brew with health benefits GINGERTEA
Cam Newton’s touchdown move DAB
Clint Eastwood’s “Letters from ___ Jima” IWO
Crooner Perry COMO
Disgraced Illinoisan (in headlines) BLAGO
Doesn’t remember fondly RUES
First name in skin care ESTEE
First person to hear about your latest crush, maybe BFF
Flyer with a colorful billing? TOUCAN
French market towns BOURGS
Fuss ADO
Gives a dirty look LEERSAT
Grace Mirabella’s successor ANNAWINTOUR
Kind of coil TESLA
Kite relative ERNE
Clues Answers
Label that once had a phonograph in its logo RCA
Life-saving capsules ESCAPEPODS
Like a toddler demanding screen time WHINY
Lord’s domain FIEF
Low-maintenance succulent DESERTROSE
Met ___ (annual fashion event in New York) GALA
Mississippi and California each have four: abbr SYL
Name in 1973 headlines ROE
Ocean aggressor, per Jack London SEAWOLF
Paris Opera segment ACTE
Pictures of abandoned projects, e.g RUINPORN
Really hear about it GETANEARFUL
Red-blooded LUSTY
Richie-rich ARISTOCRAT
Roast setting? DAIS
Role for Patti LuPone EVITA
Season opener PRE
See 33-Across SWAB
Shudder TREMOR
Shutterbug setting FSTOP
Sign of exhaustion? VAPORTRAIL
Signs of innocence HALOS
Through which means THEREBY
Tina Fey autobiography BOSSYPANTS
Tinder endgame DATES
U2 hit that opens, “Is it getting better? / Or do you feel the same?” ONE
Unchanged ASIS
What gets folded for breakfast OMELET
Wiped, like data ERASED
With 31-Across, drug-test procedure ORAL
Work hard, in rap HUSTLE