The New Yorker – Nov 12 2018

Clues Answers
“A ___ Wine” (Philip Glass song) SIPOF
“Doctor Strange” prop SCALPEL
“Macho” Camacho, formally HECTOR
“Man and Superman” monogram GBS
“Point taken …” ISEE
“___ Psyche” (John Keats) ODETO
Alderaan royal LEIA
Bombard with e-mails SPAM
Booker T.’s bandmates MGS
Boxer’s attire? DOGSWEATER
Bungle ERR
Carraway’s neighbor GATSBY
Casual “very soon” INAFEW
Colonel’s commands REGIMENTS
Container of eggs NEST
Creator of The Smurfs PEYO
Daughter of Nut and Geb ISIS
Discombobulated ALLMIXEDUP
Exist ARE
Filtered beverage DRIPCOFFEE
Five books of Moses TORAH
Food writer/TV cook Lawson, a.k.a. “Queen of Food Porn” NIGELLA
Former employer of Steve Jobs ATARI
Frequent “Meet the Press” guest PUNDIT
Green Day drummer ___ Cool TRE
Hatcher on set TERI
He wrote “Respect,” Aretha’s signature song OTIS
Keith Haring’s “Crack is Wack” mural, e.g STREETART
Leonard known as the “Dickens of Detroit” ELMORE
Like Seattle vis-à-vis Phoenix WETTER
Meet-up for fans of Caesar dressing? TOGAPARTY
More ignoble MEANER
Motivated leader? SELF
Nose wrinkler ODOR
One who’s channelling his inner Don Draper RETROSEXUAL
Order of bricks TON
Org. that subpoenaed Arthur Miller HUAC
Paella de marisco ingredient CLAM
Paul Giamatti’s alma mater YALE
Peau de soie feature SHEEN
Pharynx neighbor TONSIL
Pierced body part LIP
Prefix with dermal or scope ENTO
Provide new inhabitants for REPOPULATE
Query from a perfect house guest HOWCANIHELP
Quod ___ faciendum ERAT
Roast host, usually COMIC
Selling very well HOT
Sombreros have them BRIMS
Sondheim’s barber TODD
Swelled heads EGOS
Take a peek (at) GLANCE
Take the loss, slangily EATIT
They get depressed a lot in the fast lane GASPEDALS
Time on end EON
Trash-can site ALLEY
Trunk projection LIMB
Type of note WHOLE
Vacant UNLET
Vivacity, to Mozart BRIO
Western tribe UTES
Where one might find crocheted toilet-paper-roll covers ETSY
Worker on a farm ANT
Yankee Stadium section TIER
You might use one on Safari WEBAPP
___ of Truth (Wonder Woman’s weapon) LASSO
___ on (persisted) HUNG

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