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The New Yorker – Nov 19 2018

Published in The New Yorker. Tags: , , , .

Clues Answers
“Abolish ___,” immigration rallying cry on the left ICE
“Can you turn the A.C. down?” BRR
“Coloring Book” Grammy winner CHANCETHERAPPER
“Crazy Blues” vocalist Smith MAMIE
“Harry Potter” spell useful for those constantly losing their keys ACCIO
“If on a Winter’s Night a Traveller” writer Calvino ITALO
“It was considered a virtue not to talk unnecessarily at ___ … “: Hemingway SEA
“Redbone” Grammy winner CHILDISHGAMBINO
“Sure, go for it” THATSFINE
“The Canterbury Tales” pilgrim REEVE
“Was I right or was I right!” SEE
“___ is no love child of jazz”: Charlie Parker BOP
“___ mean a lot to me … “ ITD
1979 R. & B. No. 1 song with an oft-sampled “toot-toot, beep-beep” chant BADGIRLS
1996’s “Macarena” or 1972’s “School’s Out” SUMMERHIT
2008 Madonna album HARDCANDY
According to PER
Aim of many a meditation practice MINDFULNESS
Aretha’s partner in a 1989 duet ELTON
Avoid artfully ELUDE
Bagel shape, in math-speak TOROID
Buffer material EMERY
Coconut ___ OIL
Confucian text also known as the “Book of Changes” ICHING
Connections INS
Cooked on a spit, in French cuisine ALABROCHE
Debate ARGUE
Debbie of “Fame” ALLEN
Della of “Touched by an Angel” REESE
Designate SET
Field for Kristeva and Barthes SEMIOTICS
Fond of the side-eye or upside-down-smiley emoji, perhaps SASSY
Grabs (onto) GLOMS
Isolated department, in corporate-speak SILO
It flows past Pisa ARNO
Jumper’s line HEM
Liberated FREE
Lincoln-era topper STOVEPIPE
Locked pinkies, say SWORE
Love going to a few different parties? POLYAMORY
Malar or vomer BONE
Many a wedding invite, these days ECARD
Mechanical solar-system model ORRERY
Old film short ONEREELER
Old-style serif typeface GARAMOND
Padded part of a toy PAW
Pelvic exercises KEGELS
Point in California REYES
Politician with a doctorate in quantum chemistry MERKEL
Popular whole-grain cereal KASHI
Prep tool for a cobbler, often CORER
Program whose wheels get passed around BIKESHARE
Put one’s foot down? SPED
Reaganite program disparaged by Dukakis as a “magic gizmo”: Abbr SDI
Results of flipping HOMESALES
Salvadoran liberation theologist assassinated in 1980, beatified in 2015 OSCARROMERO
Settlers of Catan resource ORE
Shoots a message to, at work PINGS
The Comte de la Fère, familiarly ATHOS
Tool of the Man COG
Turn out ENDUP
Type on Grindr, maybe MASC
Unit in electromagnetism FARAD
Vaca’s mate TORO
Watson’s creator IBM
Wood tool for some drawers RULER
___ work, topic in the feminist economist Nancy Folbre’s research CARE
___ yum (hot-and-sour soup) TOM
___-haw YEE