The New Yorker – Nov 5 2018

Clues Answers
“Dainty dish” of a nursery rhyme PIE
“No need to continue” ENOUGHSAID
1963 winner of the N.A.A.C.P. Spingarn Medal EVERS
2008 Clint Eastwood drama named after a car GRANTORINO
Abbr. used by name-droppers? ETAL
Air India flight attendant uniform SARI
Auteur who died the same day as his contemporary Michelangelo INGMAR
Babies that learn to walk in a few hours FOALS
Baseball-dynasty surname ALOU
Bloat : hippo :: crash : ___ RHINO
Certain cage’s bars RIBS
Chorus girl, maybe ALTO
City of ten million that’s sinking as much as ten inches a year JAKARTA
Clear RID
Continental Europe’s largest nation, after Russia UKRAINE
Dior creation of the fifties ALINE
Director of “Fame” and “Pink Floyd—The Wall” ALANPARKER
Director who played a director in “This Is Spinal Tap” ROBREINER
Don’t mention it in Mexico DENADA
Door-to-door delivery? CAROL
Duane ___ (N.Y.C.-based pharmacy) READE
Fast-moving jet SPURT
Films at Tokyo’s Comiket festival ANIME
Four-volume publication by Horace ODES
Frustrated reaction GRR
He gave us “Money” and “Success” MARTINAMIS
Horn-blowing member of an old vaudeville troupe HARPO
Ill repute DISGRACE
In the indeterminate future AFTERATIME
It closes on its prey STEELTRAP
Kenneth’s job on “30 Rock” PAGE
Like some oil drilling DEEPWATER
Like woods on modern golf courses METAL
Maine’s official state flowers, which aren’t actually flowers PINECONES
Member of a Greek nonet ERATO
Mischievously vivacious PERT
No longer on the team, perhaps TRADED
Numbers of crunches REPS
One of the optic nerve’s end points RETINA
Part of a Legion of Honor uniform SASH
Period after a sentence? JAILTERM
Pick up on SENSE
Pirelli product TIRE
Potential winner ENTRANT
Professional faultfinder PROOFER
Reid of the “Sharknado” films TARA
Reptile whose head resembles a dog’s muzzle WOLFSNAKE
River mentioned in the Rigveda INDUS
Round of drinks in Kyoto, maybe SAKES
Sacrosanct INVIOLATE
Schnockered LIT
Selling well HOT
Talked too much RANON
Talks despite laryngitis RASPS
Took care of minor matters? Parented
Trails the field LOSES
TV captain who drinks Earl Grey tea PICARD
TV showrunner Harmon DAN
Unassertive TIMID
Unsentimental HARD
Weather phenomenon of Earth and Mars DUSTSTORM
What scientists look for on other planets ALIENLIFE
Wide-mouthed bottle CARAFE
Work a claim PROSPECT
___ Lisa Vito (Marisa Tomei’s Oscar-winning role) MONA

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