The New Yorker – Oct 1 2018

Clues Answers
“Afraid that’s impossible” NODICE
“Guess I showed you!” SOTHERE
“Happy Days” hangout ARNOLDS
“Pretty, witty ___” (Charles II’s mistress, per Samuel Pepys) NELL
“Stranger Things” role ELEVEN
Adequate DECENT
Afflictions treated with Orajel CANKERSORES
America’s largest labor union, briefly NEA
Ancient nomad HUN
Apple-cheeked, perhaps ROUGED
Auction house founded in 1766 Tattersalls
Baroque-era dance ALLEMANDE
Beleaguer HARRY
Campground rental CANOE
Concentrates on a stove DECOCTS
Cuttlefish feature TENTACLE
Desert migrators SANDDUNES
Folksy pronoun YOUALL
Group that captured Eichmann MOSSAD
Hall near some doors? MONTY
In bundles BALED
It may be bummed CIG
Items you might travel with BASKETBALLS
Johnny, the “King of Rock and Roll” OTIS
Layout options FONTS
Lost no time MADEHASTE
Mailing label abbr ATTN
Mike Myers described it as “the essence of not being” CANADA
Most roguish SLYEST
Mt. ___ (highest peak in the San Gabriel Mountains) BALDY
Musical Third? EROICA
Nation with a tree on its flag LEBANON
Not merely dangerous DEADLY
Ocean gliders SEAGULLS
One holding up the show? BANDSTAND
Opera set in Egypt’s Old Kingdom AIDA
Org. with a flower logo EPA
Paint buyer’s specification MATTE
Passed effortlessly ACED
Port where Commodore Perry’s flagship is docked ERIE
Rasmussen offering POLL
Record collection ARCHIVES
Roughly seven per cent of all U.S. paper currency FIVES
Separate out CULL
Social worker? CATERER
Some family-tree members NIECES
Steers wrong DELUDES
Surveillance gadget SPYCAM
Susan of “The Partridge Family” DEY
Teppanyaki-style restaurant chain BENIHANA
Territories often under dispute BORDERLANDS
Theatregoer’s reproof SHH
Time to tune in AIRDATE
Turn up ARRIVE
Turning points? CENTERLANES
Winter exchange program? SECRETSANTA
Word not originally included in the Pledge of Allegiance GOD
World Cup constructions ARENAS
___ room (play area) REC
___ Slam (winning four Grand Slam events in a row) SERENA

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