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The New Yorker – Oct 22 2018

Published in The New Yorker. Tags: , , , .

Clues Answers
“Always ___” (bit of poststructuralist jargon) ALREADY
“Apache Woman” and “It Came from Beneath the Sea” BMOVIES
“Jumpin’ Jack Flash, it’s ___” AGAS
“Life of Pi” director Lee ANG
“Oh!” de Cologne ACH
“Trust the Process” team, familiarly SIXERS
2017 events at Punggye-ri NTESTS
Bay ___ AREA
Become rusty OXIDIZE
Black of New Hollywood fame KAREN
Book that popularized the phrase “truthful hyperbole,” in 1987 THEARTOFTHEDEAL
Cell surcharge ROAMING
Certain sauvignon-blanc certification SANCERRE
Company with an “Unböring” ad campaign IKEA
Constraints BOUNDS
Copy APE
Curry alternative PADTHAI
Dadaist Tristan TZARA
Disclaimers said to coddle readers TRIGGERWARNINGS
Facebook-profile datum BIRTHDAY
For sure, slangily DEF
Gentleman’s agreement? YESDEAR
Gillette razors ATRAS
Grantland successor, with “the” RINGER
Gray matter? ELEGY
Hold down power, say RESTART
Hopped to it HIED
Imaginary body said to threaten freedom of speech PCPOLICE
Inability to swallow APHAGIA
Inaugurates USHERSIN
It resembles a needlefish GAR
Italian marble city MASSA
Kevin of “A Fish Called Wanda” KLINE
Material named for a country SUEDE
Meditative sort YOGI
Millennium beginning ONEAD
More “out there” ZANIER
Muscle part SILENTC
On target APT
One of six in “Annabel Lee” STANZA
One who’s not exactly fast PRUDE
Origin of trap music ATLANTA
Passive, as a personality BETA
Philip Roth’s “When ___ Was Good” SHE
Places to go in London? WCS
Prime, as bonds AAARATED
Prioritizes treatment TRIAGES
Promenades SAUNTERS
Radio-station subject to an S.N.L. parody NPR
Schindler and Schlemmer, e.g OSKARS
Seder meal? MATZO
Sender of I.M.s AOLER
Signify MEAN
Starts a transplant UNPOTS
Subj. with two different A.P. exams ECON
Toaster’s sound CLINK
Tops of their fields TITANS
Trail at Vail SKIRUN
Upset, in slang SALTY
Washer and dryer, e.g MACHINES
Word with sisters and wonders SEVEN
Yard-sale caveat ASIS
___ nous ENTRE
___ talk TED
___-American ASIAN