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The New Yorker – Oct 8 2018

Published in The New Yorker. Tags: , , , .

Clues Answers
“Bad Boy for Life” artist PDIDDY
“Carry on” ASYOUWERE
“Hippie” author Coelho PAULO
“My word!” GEE
“That’s strange … “ HOWODD
“This is ___ old world to be alone” (blues-song lyric) AMEAN
“___ that special?” ISNT
2017 Oscar winner for Best Screenplay PEELE
50 Cent piece? RAP
A poet might use it IMAGERY
Acrophobe’s least-favorite stadium section NOSEBLEED
Ampere’s pal AMI
Band leader? OOMPAH
Barry, Robin, or Maurice GIBB
Birthplace of Camembert cheese ORNE
Blue tang in “Finding Nemo” DORY
Breaches GAPS
Break down SOB
British anchor men? LIMEYS
City of Light, to Cole Porter PAREE
Competed at Camelot JOUSTED
Composure COOL
Day at the Sorbonne JOUR
Dependent on chance ALEATORY
Diamond stats RBIS
Ditto, in footnotes IDEM
Egged on GOADED
Fools GETS
Gamer’s island MYST
God with four faces BRAHMA
Gripping things PLIERS
He’s no alpha OMEGAMALE
Hot spot HEARTH
Igneous rock mass named for an underworld figure PLUTON
Ivan the Terrible, Vlad the Impaler, et al DESPOTS
Laid-back remark IMEASY
Leaves with a steak dinner SIDESALAD
Leg-warming blankets LAPROBES
Like midnight, in “The Raven” DREARY
Monastic title ABBOT
Movement of Mahler’s Symphony No. 5, said to be a love letter to Alma ADAGIETTO
NBC News anchor Holt LESTER
Nixon/Cuomo face-off, e.g DEBATE
Not as forward SHYER
Not far from NEARTO
Old maxims SAWS
Olympic runner Steve ___ OVETT
Oracle product DATABASE
Org. with a skyline in its logo NYMETS
Owner of well-groomed dogs? FOOTMODEL
Prefix with tiller ROTO
Prix-fixe selection ENTREE
Put on weight FATTEN
Putin’s pancakes BLINI
Quad strengtheners KNEEBENDS
Raw-milk dispenser UDDER
Rider of a chariot pulled by seahorses POSEIDON
Selfsame VERY
Show elation BEAM
Snore stopper ALARM
Spaced out, in a way APART
Suddenly forget a prepared speech, say GOBLANK
Super-gentle cleaners BABYWIPES
Takes too much, briefly ODS
Valley of the Kings locale EGYPT
Waring rival OSTER
Will not shut up YAPS
Winter coats RIMES
Women’s follower LIB