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The New Yorker – Sep 10 2018

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Clues Answers
“How long will a man lie i’ the earth ___ he rot?”: “Hamlet” ERE
“Hungarian Dances” composer BRAHMS
“I found the stash, kid” YOURESOBUSTED
“Morning’s At Seven” playwright OSBORN
“Ojos de perro ___” (Márquez story and Rubén Blades ballad) AZUL
“Our Revolution” author BERNIESANDERS
“So that’s your game!” OHO
“Tenth of December” author Saunders GEORGE
“The Magnificent Seven” co-star BRONSON
“Who Killed Vincent Chin?” documentarian Tajima-Peña RENEE
50 ___ CENT
Alliance: Abbr ASSN
Anonymous litigant ROE
Ask too much? PRY
Baseball Hall of Famer Slaughter ENOS
Bays as a banshee would KEENS
Bewail RUE
Branch managers? PRUNERS
Call, to de Gaulle CRI
Chaka Khan’s funky launchpad RUFUS
Chronicler of the Greco-Persian Wars HERODOTUS
Didi who played Frenchy in “Grease” CONN
Digital demarcation GEOFENCE
Dive, e.g BAR
First word of the soca banger “Hot Hot Hot” OLE
Fix in advance RIG
Flats, e.g ABODES
Fortified STEELED
Gen. Eisenhower’s Second World War command ETO
Give a free pass COMP
Google’s AlphaZero “mastered” it in four hours CHESS
Group dance with stomps and claps STEP
He claimed the Greeks were offside, in a Monty Python sketch MARX
Hold up ROB
Hurts with a tusk GORES
Kinect platform XBOX
Large-ish ensembles for Brubeck and Mingus OCTETS
Like air hockey ONEONONE
Live looper’s tool PEDAL
Lusterless WAN
M.L.B. star named for Jackie Robinson CANO
Marlin’s lost son NEMO
Material for manicurists EMERY
New faces in the staff lounge HIREES
New-agey herbal remedy SAGEOIL
One calling strikes, in short UNIONREP
Oppo research, e.g INTEL
Oxford college where Oscar Wilde read Greats MAGDALEN
Pay reparations (for) ATONE
Paying for a lift, maybe SORE
Places for paradiddles and flams SNARES
Point in graph-theoretic structures NODE
Rod’s employer in “Get Out” TSA
Sam Cooke’s “Touch the Hem of ___ Garment” HIS
See 43-Down FERRANTE
Show up at the dinner table? OUTEAT
Sub-way map? SONAR
Subject of the anthology “A Vindication of the Rights of Whores” SEXWORK
The Dead Sea’s Ein Gedi ___ SPA
Traditional Paraguayan beverage YERBAMATE
Twenty-one, say OFAGE
Voicer of Aslan NEESON
Waterlogged grounds BOGS
With 52-Across, creator of Raffaella “Lila” Cerullo ELENA
___ Devereaux, con man in “The French Connection” HENRI
___ platter (cocktail-party trayful) CRUDITE
___ River Collective, seventies black-feminist group COMBAHEE