The New Yorker – Sep 17 2018

Clues Answers
“A deadline every minute” sloganeer UPI
“Belle de Jour” roles JOHNS
“Is this ___?” ADATE
“Mommy” filmmaker Xavier DOLAN
“See?!” TOLDYA
“Shame!” TSK
“The Last Samurai” author DEWITT
“X-Men” role played by Anna Paquin ROGUE
Address on a ship, of yore MATEY
Annually PERYEAR
Beef medium? DISSTRACK
Birthplace of Bruno Mars HAWAII
Bohemians, e.g SLAVS
Burning the candle at both ends OVERDOINGIT
Cable co. acquired by A.T. & T. in 1999 TCI
Care Intl., e.g NGO
Cash back? IER
Catalog ASSORT
Certain e-mail flag IMPORTANT
Choreographer Lubovitch LAR
Comparative word THAN
Component of a digital mortgage ENOTE
Director Wenders WIM
Disgust REVOLT
Doll introduced in 1961 KEN
Doofuses ASSES
Dowel PEG
Dutch genre painter STEEN
DVR button REC
Enlightenment, in other words AGEOFREASON
Even so YET
Fortify, as levees REVET
Hamnet to William, say SON
It may generate buzz PUSHALERT
Like many weddings CATERED
Lotus Temple locale DELHI
Loungewear brand AERIE
Manhattan’s Christopher and Elizabeth, e.g STS
Mex. title SRTA
Mind-body, e.g DUALISM
Outer edge of a smoky eye SMEAR
Part of an m.c.’s address, maybe GENTS
Persian honorific AGHA
Photoshop, say EDIT
Physiques, casually BODS
Pizzeria fixtures OVENS
Pres. Obama and Sec. Rice, e.g PROFS
Product with an iconic silhouette ad campaign IPOD
Put forward POSIT
Rihanna brand that netted more than seventy-two million dollars in its first month FENTYBEAUTY
Sound from a toy? ARF
Spectrum or Xfinity, for short ISP
Splendor MAJESTY
Stage direction ENTER
Stage for a true-crime documentary, say REENACT
Star and writer of “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” VARDALOS
Subject of some literature dissertations PROSODY
That: Sp ESA
The “kissing disease,” for short MONO
The murders of Tupac Shakur and the Notorious B.I.G., e.g OPENCASES
Toast, e.g SPEECH
Tool that revolutionized citizen journalism CAMERAPHONE
TV show that concluded with the line “I’ll see you again in twenty-five years” TWINPEAKS
Verb that means the same thing in Spanish and French VENIR
Walk of Fame unit STAR
___ B’rith BNAI
___ Battista Alberti, Renaissance architect and scholar LEON

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