The New Yorker – Sep 24 2018

Clues Answers
“And ___!” SCENE
“Cabaret” tune with the lyric “A tiger is a tiger, not a lamb” MEINHERR
“Camptown Races” bit DOODAH
“Once Upon a Time in the West” auteur SERGIOLEONE
Answer man of TV TREBEK
Begin to overtake GAINON
Bug bugger DEET
Carolyn ___, “author” of Nancy Drew books KEENE
Catch NET
Certain three-mo. period SPR
Chase of “Now, Voyager” ILKA
Cornerstone abbr ESTD
D Day river ORNE
Destructive sort SABOTEUR
Dorothy player on “The Golden Girls” BEA
False show PRETENSE
Focus of some committees ETHICS
German shoe manufacturer ADIDAS
Get covered INSURE
Health-bar ingredient CAROB
High and mighty SNOOTY
How a gamer might game a game CHEATCODE
In recovery, say POSTOP
Junior, to Senior SON
Kenneth ___, theatre critic and “Oh! Calcutta!” co-writer TYNAN
Latino political family with namesake counties in Colorado and New Mexico OTERO
Ma’s specialty CELLO
Make a big first splash, say ARRIVE
Makes a logical inference EDUCES
Master of the walk-and-talk AARONSORKIN
May of the comedy duo Nichols and May ELAINE
Micro-genre of music self-distributed online SOUNDCLOUDRAP
Napa neighbor SONOMA
New Left grp SDS
Of a single-celled organism AMOEBIC
Outbursts SALVOS
Outmoded music players DISCMANS
Parts of feet SOLES
Petting-zoo chorus AWS
Play the role of ARE
Pooh-Bah’s opera THEMIKADO
Rocks with minerals ORES
Rumble sides GANGS
Sheepskin-footwear brand UGGBOOTS
Some of the “Riverdale” audience TWEENS
Star of a Seuss book LORAX
Start of a guessing game ISPY
Suckers SAPS
Supreme Court feeder, traditionally YALELAW
Surfeit EXCESS
Sweet liqueurs ANISETTES
SXSW, for one FEST
Team spirit MORALE
The Seahawks’ Wilson, familiarly RUSS
They aim to touch EPEEISTS
Trap juices in, say SEAR
UV-radiation risk SUNDAMAGE
Wagon ___ (old fort) CIRCLE
Web biz DOTCOM
Weigh a bit more REASSESS
___ Pepper SGT
___ ratio (film-conversion spec) ASPECT

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