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The New Yorker – Sep 3 2018

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Clues Answers
“Don’t look away … “ EYESONME
“Join the Circus” musical BARNUM
“Man, is it hot!” PHEW
“Sopranos” actress commended by the American Psychoanalytic Association BRACCO
“The Altar” constellation ARA
“Will & Grace” network NBC
“___ My Ride” (MTV show hosted by Xzibit) PIMP
Beezus’s little sister, in kid-lit RAMONA
Block letters? SPF
Body-blow grunt OOF
Brains or charisma, e.g ASSET
Bridal shower? CONFETTI
Brigitte’s bestie AMI
Carrier of genetic info RNA
Causing way too much interest? USURIOUS
Charity’s URL ender ORG
Choice words ORS
Collector’s item? BILL
Critter with a cheek pouch for storing food CHIPMUNK
Deserving of props LAUDABLE
Dictator Mobutu ___ Seko SESE
Drinks at a Korean banquet RICEWINES
Fats Domino’s “Whole ___ Lovin’ “ LOTTA
He voiced King Gristle, Sr., in “Trolls” CLEESE
Heavy weight on an aircraft carrier ANCHOR
Home of Washington’s Museum of Glass TACOMA
How fresh fish is packed INICE
It’s passed on by one who’s passed on LEGACY
Large store EMPORIUM
McSorley’s inventory ALES
Mettlesome FEISTY
Mexican wraps TAMALES
Misanthrope’s specialty HATING
Morning “mud” JOE
Nice partner EASY
Of bones OSTEAL
Origins of some colorful monarchs? Cocoons
Piddling MEASLY
Positive feedback? YES
Prohibitions DONTS
Quotes CITES
Ration METE
Reading class? LITERATI
Really small, as towns go ONEHORSE
Renaissance madrigal master who murdered his wife and her lover GESUALDO
Rightful TRUE
Rolling Stones hit with the lyric “I’ll be your savior” EMOTIONALRESCUE
Sailing hazard SHOAL
Self-description of a C-SPAN addict POLITICALJUNKIE
Takes the edge off DULLS
Tennis star Wozniacki CAROLINE
Three-time Indy 500 winner Castroneves HELIO
Throw cold water on, say DOUSE
Title girl in a 2001 French comedy AMELIE
To be, to Debussy ETRE
Tolkien dwarf who was a scribe ORI
Tom Wolfe’s “___ Charlotte Simmons” IAM
Top chef Lefebvre, author of “Crave” LUDO
Tree-dwelling primates, briefly ORANGS
Two o’clock-ish, on a compass ENE
Union member? STATE
University city in the Hawkeye State AMES
Vermeer’s “Young Woman with a ___” LUTE
Wimbledon shockers, perhaps UPSETS
Wise guy’s weapon GAT
World Cup shout OLEOLE
___ Mama BAHAMA