The Sun – Two Speed – Apr 1 2018

Clues Answers
‘Former’ cryptically clued in bar EXCLUDE
A treaty broken by carrier TEATRAY
Abandon DROP
Attorney LAWYER
Be important MATTER
Be incorrect ERR
Bed dress NIGHTIE
Bergen’s country NORWAY
Bill demanded to be publicly acknowledged ACCLAIMED
Blowing a horn TOOTING
Cloaks, veils MASKS
Conceals visors MASKS
Country bearing alternative route NORWAY
Cunning leader abandoned demo ARCH
Current RECENT
Curve ARCH
Divine aura HALO
Drinks platter TEATRAY
Durability HARDINESS
Element of verbal languages needed to catch up TUNGSTEN
Fall into sink without ring DROP
Female garment near male garment NIGHTIE
Fight for breath GASP
Finnish city HELSINKI
Gold measure CARAT
Honking the horn in South London area TOOTING
Hot ink lies round about city HELSINKI
Clues Answers
Indian side dish similar to tzatziki RAITA
Inquest official CORONER
Issue to be of importance MATTER
Light of saints seen in Portsmouth a lot HALO
Modern wolfram TUNGSTEN
New church in split RECENT
Nothing in the angle of a room for court official CORONER
One of a flight of steps in Bucharest airport STAIR
One surrounded by difficulty shows courage HARDINESS
Parts of speech NOUNS
Plant cup is thrown into river CAPSICUM
Retains a different sort of well ARTESIAN
Royal racecourse ASCOT
Sisters admitting love for naming words NOUNS
Stray while slightly merry ERR
Tacos cooked for a town ASCOT
Talk softly and catch one’s breath GASP
Tiara ruined by yogurt dish RAITA
Towing craft TUGBOAT
Turncoat RAT
Turncoat held by magistrate RAT
Type of well ARTESIAN
Variety of pepper CAPSICUM
Water-tower? TUGBOAT
Weight one caught in trap CARAT
Wife in early trouble with solicitor LAWYER

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