The Sun – Two Speed – Apr 10 2018

Clues Answers
Bar girl with nothing on SALOON
Become large and roar GROWL
Boiled oatmeal PORRIDGE
Breakfast time? PORRIDGE
Brighton has this look we hear PIER
Carved figure STATUE
Casual conversation CHAT
City score without ball TROY
Correlation RATIO
Cotton on branch from tree TWIG
Crumbs soldier gives dog CORGI
Defence starts to argue legal issue behind item ALIBI
Destructive wind TORNADO
Dry white wine RIESLING
Eighth planet NEPTUNE
Excuse from suspect ALIBI
Genius Farah restrains moving tears MAESTRO
German wine Sir Nigel ordered RIESLING
Iliad’s locale TROY
Implicitly understood TACIT
In a list after female competitor FINALIST
Indian dish initially chucked in sea BALTIC
Informer I love shows proportion RATIO
Islamic believer SUNNITE
Jetty PIER
Just outside gym in full view OPENLY
Clues Answers
Large public room SALOON
Learner in military group not exactly bright UNLIT
Marine bivalve OYSTER
Minor peer VISCOUNT
Muslim emptied napkin in apartment SUNNITE
Non-believer ATHEIST
North European sea BALTIC
Not illuminated UNLIT
One knocked down in an alley? SKITTLE
One through to last round FINALIST
Pudding rodent swallows slowly at first MOUSSE
Rent row produces storm TORNADO
Sceptical sort at robbery ATHEIST
Silly story about English mollusc OYSTER
Small shoot TWIG
Songbird covering bill is silent TACIT
Suction broken by very noble figure VISCOUNT
Talking bird? CHAT
United in mess — maybe bust? STATUE
Virtuoso MAESTRO
Welsh canine CORGI
Whipped dessert MOUSSE
Without concealment OPENLY
Write uplifting melody for sea god NEPTUNE

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