The Sun – Two Speed – Apr 11 2018

Clues Answers
Actor Garbo madly beginning to tease BOGART
Best artist in the aristocracy? top-drawer
Boat’s captain right towards stern CRAFT
Camel train CARAVAN
Cardinal number ONE
Catty remark about commercial grassland MEADOW
Commotion DIN
Consequence OUTCOME
Crashing into beast like mule OBSTINATE
Croatian ripped wet weather gear RAINCOAT
Croon etc creating classical piece CONCERTO
Dad keeps an old sheep in view PANORAMA
Daughter agreed — dreadful disgrace DEGRADE
Excellent wings of divine assistant AIDE
Fault wicked in heroic sailor SINBAD
Finish first in stage, leading STOP
Firm coming in published me — result! OUTCOME
Former nurse makes offer EXTEND
Grape plant VINE
Hitch SNAG
Hold fast ADHERE
Holm oak changed a state in US OKLAHOMA
Inflexible OBSTINATE
Clues Answers
Jellied garnish ASPIC
Legendary voyager SINBAD
Lengthen EXTEND
Mackintosh RAINCOAT
Noise from building DIN
Nude king clergyman returns to clothe NAKED
Orchestral work CONCERTO
Outstanding top-drawer
Pasture MEADOW
Political adviser AIDE
Rotter in river for ten years DECADE
Screen icon Humphrey BOGART
Skill and cunning CRAFT
Snake I caught in savoury jelly ASPIC
Some began slowly raising difficulty SNAG
Spirit of March and November DEMON
Stick heard shattering — ultimately brittle ADHERE
Terminate STOP
Time period DECADE
Two vehicles flanking a third one CARAVAN
Unadorned NAKED
Unbroken vista PANORAMA
United were victorious reportedly ONE
Very popular English plant VINE
Western musical OKLAHOMA
Wildness in musicians performing? ABANDON

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