The Sun – Two Speed – Apr 12 2018

Clues Answers
16th President left officer in hotel LINCOLN
Abysmal taverna embodies republic MALTA
Ballerina eg DANCER
Cathedral city LINCOLN
Chant about western jazz style SWING
Cher embraces sick horror movie CHILLER
Cold Russian zone SIBERIA
Courage NERVE
Deciphered DECODED
Disagreement DISSENT
Disclosure ADMISSION
Discussed decline in protest DISSENT
Do not read about personal freshener DEODORANT
Drink made with bitters pink gin
Excellent reason to start with song AIR
Farmer’s leg is broken GILES
Firm good for machine gear COG
Fish in action worked out DECODED
German car pioneer DAIMLER
Hostility AGGRO
Husband in food shop makes capital DELHI
Ibis are assembled in vast region SIBERIA
Indian metropolis DELHI
Insignificant worker COG
Jamaican sectarian RASTA
Kingpin ordered drink pink gin
Light motorbike moved aimlessly MOPED
Clues Answers
Look at closely EXAMINE
Man’s name GILES
Mediterranean island MALTA
Melody AIR
Motorised bicycle MOPED
Narrow ravine GORGE
Officer in Lada around border going north ADMIRAL
One going on foot in boots and all SANDAL
One holding lead throughout? PENCIL
One in same team as Rudolph Nureyev? DANCER
One sending brainy message in bottle? NERVE
Open-toed shoe SANDAL
Oscillate SWING
Refrigerator CHILLER
Respire and live having received new heart BREATHE
Right to enter guilty plea? ADMISSION
See Ugandan dictator in river EXAMINE
Senior naval officer ADMIRAL
Smell masker DEODORANT
Some sheep somewhere in Derby town EPSOM
Steer left in the German car DAIMLER
Stuff in canyon GORGE
Surrey racing venue EPSOM
Surrounded by maids dancing time AMIDST
Take in air BREATHE
Violence King George stops in the past AGGRO
Worshipper in orchestra stalls RASTA
Writing implement PENCIL

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