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The Sun – Two Speed – Apr 13 2018

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Clues Answers
Accurate EXACT
African gin peaty when mixed EGYPTIAN
Airborne fighter PARA
An ideal order for dessert? apple pie
Attack with no raid organised INROAD
Be longer perhaps in French city GRENOBLE
Boy with Yankee noblewoman LADY
Buildings inspector SURVEYOR
Compelling URGENT
Corn spike EAR
Cow’s comment about race becomes slogan MOTTO
Crazy about one young girl MAID
Domestic employee MAID
Drain unblocker PLUNGER
East European keeps old coin for train EDUCATE
For example good cooking ingredient EGG
Fourth Greek letter DELTA
French Alpine city GRENOBLE
From Satie a rare musical gift EAR
Fruit tart apple pie
Greek citizen ATHENIAN
Guiding maxim MOTTO
Hostile incursion INROAD
Inspector can be very sour SURVEYOR
Instruct EDUCATE
Clues Answers
Led back volunteers in river mouth DELTA
Mechanical device LEVER
Money man: penny rates may vary PAYMASTER
Motorist waiting for chance to pass? LEARNER
North African EGYPTIAN
Ocular affliction STYE
One in Harley St botched cut HAIRSTYLE
One taking dive breaks GNP rule PLUNGER
Ovum EGG
Peeress LADY
Phil Everly’s bar LEVER
Precise time given by Old Bill EXACT
Russian from big organisation IGOR
Russian man’s name IGOR
Salon creation HAIRSTYLE
Soldier dropped in standard initially achieved PARA
Some nasty eye inflammation STYE
Student driver LEARNER
Three articles about Northern Ireland — in Greek! ATHENIAN
Trouble follows an enormous girl ABIGAIL
Turner’s cutter round lake AXLE
Wages official PAYMASTER
Wants paper in reserve shortly REQUIRES
Wheel shaft AXLE
Woman’s name ABIGAIL
You are texted by nice man pressing URGENT