The Sun – Two Speed – Apr 14 2018

Clues Answers
1415 English victory AGINCOURT
Amphibian takes oxygen in small amount TOAD
Andean pack animal LLAMA
Animal all over mum LLAMA
Artillery piece CANNON
Barnet style in Rio had to change HAIRDO
Battle leads to another general facing justice AGINCOURT
Birch-like tree ALDER
Brick holder HOD
Carrier starts to haul out debris HOD
Collision and effect IMPACT
Dickens’ times were this tough! HARD
Doctor outside pub beginning to eat meal DINNER
East African nation UGANDA
European in Paris and smashed! SPANIARD
Evening repast DINNER
Forcible contact IMPACT
Girl in fleece produces weapon CANNON
Hairy arachnid TARANTULA
Has boil — nasty — to do away with! ABOLISH
I’m worried about IT copy IMITATE
Impressive home MANSION
It’s said you look for African country UGANDA
Lionheart king RICHARD
Loathsome person TOAD
Lose weight within cautious limits SLIM
Clues Answers
Loving cruelty SADISTIC
Madrid native eg SPANIARD
Man free to catch fish RICHARD
One maniac accepts penny contribution INPUT
Opinion INPUT
Our nearest star SUN
Owned by the state NATIONAL
Paul’s inside after opening cake GATEAU
Principal boy receives new cape HEADLAND
Promontory HEADLAND
Put an end to ABOLISH
Race of more than local interest? NATIONAL
Radiant source — that’s our paper! SUN
Really mean it’s as CID arranged SADISTIC
Rich dessert cake GATEAU
Salon creation HAIRDO
Sin permitted? Not at first! GREED
Slender SLIM
Spider starts to tremble after natural disaster TARANTULA
Superficially wound WING
Tree from Cardinal de Retz ALDER
Unfortunately no mains in large house MANSION
Unyielding HARD
Victory grand for rugby player WING
Voracity GREED

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