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The Sun – Two Speed – Apr 14 2019

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Clues Answers
About to drink gin? Nonsense! CLAPTRAP
Analgesic drug CODEINE
Attract fish back to sheltered side LEEWARD
Balderdash (informal) CLAPTRAP
Bird in Aeneid erased EIDER
Books used in religious education routine ROTE
Came to an end EXPIRED
Candied plant stalks ANGELICA
Celestial body MOON
Close-lipped parent? MUM
Clue with PRS resolving moral doubt SCRUPLE
Complete roadside bomb connected ALLIED
Cool bit in excellent EP identified TEPID
Cutting tooth INCISOR
Discourteous IMPOLITE
Done with ice, changing painkiller CODEINE
Downwind LEEWARD
Drink in establishments I promote SIP
European country GREECE
Example MODEL
Fat cheek I had LIPID
Fatty compound LIPID
Female name DIANA
Former princess of Indian ancestry DIANA
Half-deity DEMIGOD
Hear musical bouzouki-playing here? GREECE
Hot redhead in local TROPICAL
I’ll display fashion line MODEL
Joined by treaty ALLIED
Listen at this point on radio HEAR
Low point for our satellite? MOON
Lukewarm TEPID
Lure and net snagged by rocks ENTICE
Male in unconscious state: this gives pause COMMA
Marionette operator PUPPETEER
Mother (informal) MUM
No mere mortal, dodge M1 crashes? DEMIGOD
One pulling the strings at work? PUPPETEER
Poe, limit, terribly rude IMPOLITE
Pop singer has good range GAGA
Pride shattered after ex ran out EXPIRED
Punctuation mark COMMA
Qualm or principle SCRUPLE
Ricin so irritated one biting INCISOR
Sea duck EIDER
Slightly mad (informal) GAGA
Slow and dignified SEDATE
Sweltering TROPICAL
Take in aurally HEAR
Taste or sample SIP
Teased outrageously but calm SEDATE
Terrible gala, nice cake decoration ANGELICA
Two men with mature sponsorship PATRONAGE
Unthinking repetition ROTE