The Sun – Two Speed – Apr 15 2018

Clues Answers
Agitated UN tried to meddle INTRUDE
Alleviate RELIEVE
Amalgamate MERGE
Archer William gives order TELL
Army outpost CAMP
Asleep perhaps to give satisfaction PLEASE
Back-massage by mum in old Myanmar BURMA
Barren ARID
Bath line’s terminus in underground railway TUBE
Bodyguard MINDER
Bond’s boss cast him out in one-sided contest MISMATCH
Cereal grass RYE
City journalist at home gets hot grub served up EDINBURGH
Cyberjournalist BLOGGER
Delight PLEASE
Desdemona’s spouse OTHELLO
Despair’s ending — two biblical characters help RELIEVE
Dried fruit artist is popular RAISIN
Dried grape RAISIN
Dutch bloom TULIP
Enter uninvited INTRUDE
European cooks rancid eel ICELANDER
Flower in middle of mature border TULIP
For this reason HENCE
Gaming room CASINO
Help crossing river that’s dry ARID
Hollow cylinder TUBE
Clues Answers
House of Cards? CASINO
Inform TELL
Just right IDEAL
Key worker? PIANIST
Keyboard player PIANIST
Meet and join in summer generally MERGE
Most distinguished GREATEST
Musical speed TEMPO
Myanmar as was BURMA
Old Testament greeting in Shakespeare play OTHELLO
One agreement for model IDEAL
One serving tea to make crust we hear URN
Online writer is British lumberjack BLOGGER
Pitman restraining duke’s bodyguard MINDER
Reykjavik native ICELANDER
Royal castle BALMORAL
Run round gym with speed OPERATE
Scotland’s capital EDINBURGH
Scottish castle helps with tribal morale BALMORAL
Slaughterhouse ABATTOIR
Some nominate MP on time TEMPO
Stock comes in here to be taken out! ABATTOIR
Supreme as Ali claimed to be GREATEST
Sussex town secretary eats sandwiches RYE
Theatrical Frenchman in beret CAMP
Therefore chicken vacated cage HENCE
Vase URN
Work as surgeon OPERATE

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