The Sun – Two Speed – Apr 16 2018

Clues Answers
Additional EXTRA
Avian breeding ground ROOKERY
Boat carrying less cargo? LIGHTER
Border EDGE
Cacophony DISCORD
Californian port San Diego
Cold shower in this — no way SNOW
Colossal TITANIC
Conflict in road after dance DISCORD
Courage shown by Yankee sailor HEARTY
Creature producing noise round a lake sea lion
Discourteous IMPOLITE
Drunken sea-dog in coastal location San Diego
Embrace in Suffolk is sensual KISS
FA diplomacy backed magnate fat cat
Former partner works returning bonus EXTRA
Girl in Chester I called ERICA
Girl in empty bar’s prohibitionist? BANNER
Grunge band playing here finally shows bite EDGE
He enters riotous party for treatment THERAPY
Healing process THERAPY
Huge attic in conversion TITANIC
Informer GRASS
Large seal sea lion
Light touch KISS
Little Greek donkey finding turf GRASS
Long hair in France very short at first TRESS
Man’s name ALEC
Clues Answers
Mediocre AVERAGE
Mischievous child SCAMP
Miss Lynn in time becomes so-so AVERAGE
Not as heavy LIGHTER
One Guinness female companions conceal ALEC
One is upset making din NOISE
Online ad BANNER
Plait or braid TRESS
Pointed missile ARROW
Racket NOISE
Rhythmical stage act tap dance
Rogue’s trick with penny SCAMP
Rude rascal to lie terribly IMPOLITE
Shark vessel circling bad fog DOGFISH
Small shark DOGFISH
Strong point ASSET
Thin princess on medieval instrument DILUTE
Two ducks in Kerry built bird colony ROOKERY
Unfashionable sole in to be repaired OBSOLETE
Was it one in the eye for Harold? ARROW
Water down DILUTE
Water music apt for this routine? tap dance
Wealthy industrialist fat cat
When position brings advantage ASSET
Winter fall SNOW
Woman’s name ERICA

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