The Sun – Two Speed – Apr 18 2018

Clues Answers
Add iron to build robot ANDROID
Bewitched at start, bird becomes dog BEAGLE
Bird small and pale SWAN
Bloodsucker – some cruel EEC hardliner LEECH
Catastrophe in Wexford is as terrible DISASTER
Cob or pen SWAN
Decline to vote ABSTAIN
Diamonds set evenly in circlet ICE
Eve’s initial place of retreat! EDEN
Famed Apache leader GERONIMO
Fashion creator DESIGNER
Feel soreness ACHE
Filled snack SANDWICH
Frozen water ICE
Getaway ESCAPE
Hunting hound BEAGLE
Islamic denomination SUNNI
Key American in Greyhound say BUS
Legendary outlaw Robin Hood
Meals for telly fans TV dinners
More gin ordered by old chief GERONIMO
Newly-wed hosting good game BRIDGE
Old canine strangely beginning to talk ANCIENT
Our paper, popular, backed Muslim SUNNI
Pain expert nursing husband ACHE
Clues Answers
Paradise EDEN
Potter’s revolutionary equipment? WHEEL
Pre-owned USED
Prehistoric ANCIENT
Public transport BUS
Reach across BRIDGE
Rebellious as well, moving south LAWLESS
Remove obstacle found in river DELETE
Seaman Mark to leave booze alone ABSTAIN
Set meals? TV dinners
Sherwood man reporting thievin’ gangster? Robin Hood
Small cupboard CLOSET
Small fowl BANTAM
Smartphone system ANDROID
Solemnly promise SWEAR
Some adventurous editors employed USED
Something to eat in Kentish Town? SANDWICH
Son in peace restless to break free ESCAPE
Sponger LEECH
Stop mostly domesticated chicken BANTAM
Strike out DELETE
Stylist is gender bending DESIGNER
Suffer defeat in court room CLOSET
Take or utter an oath SWEAR
Turn on axis WHEEL

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