The Sun – Two Speed – Apr 19 2018

Clues Answers
Advocate ENDORSE
Appellations NAMES
Baby’s bunk COT
Canadian province ALBERTA
Carriage cuts horse in two — gruesome MACABRE
Channel not crooked we hear STRAIT
Citrus fruit LEMON
Commerce TRADE
Constituent part ELEMENT
Crazy speed and more speed? Reckless! DESPERATE
Dressing for wound BANDAGE
Educational institution COLLEGE
Effort to embrace Bill’s girl TRACY
Extremely dirty and repulsive house DYNASTY
Faculty member tucks into cabbage COLLEGE
Family line DYNASTY
Fanatical bishop in attack RABID
Farewell CHEERIO
Frenzied RABID
Fruit Mike found in Spanish city LEMON
Glide on snow SKI
Goodbye from injured ice hero CHEERIO
Group wanting mature dress BANDAGE
Guiding light to join Tories? BEACON
Handles terribly mean son NAMES

Clues Answers
Humour from smooth youth leader IRONY
Hypochondriac finally back to bed COT
Jewish scholar RABBI
Late bar vibrant in province ALBERTA
Long hilltop RIDGE
Major successor Libra influenced BLAIR
Mild sarcasm IRONY
Missile sent up by eastern business TRADE
Narrow waterway STRAIT
Palm fruit COCONUT
Pandemonium MAYHEM
Roman emperor CAESAR
Rub out ERASE
Runner in his kit SKI
Say gold piece ELEMENT
Shy target one in lovely bunch? COCONUT
Sign displayed by vendors everywhere ENDORSE
Signal fire BEACON
Spring border in chaos MAYHEM
Stop nice man finding cleaner DETERGENT
Strained state TENSION
Suspense is rising in joint TENSION
Take out chair at last in comfort ERASE
Teacher cutting chatter short RABBI
Terrible scare grips a Roman leader CAESAR
Trip round grand land feature RIDGE
Without hope DESPERATE
Woman’s name TRACY

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