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The Sun – Two Speed – Apr 19 2020 – Puzzle Solution

Published in The Sun Two Speed Crossword.

Clues Answers
Aerial battle dog-fight
Autumnal work for army type? OCTOPUS
Bad breath HALITOSIS
Bath TUB
Beer is brought inside passage AISLE
Board to suggest schedule TABLE
Christmas show PANTOMIME
Clothing articles dropped by Boadicea BODICE
Credit TICK
Dan drinking beer, seldom discontented northerner DALESMAN
Do puzzles __ loves cryptic SOLVE
Egyptian cobra ASP
Exclusive SOLE
Flying base AIRFIELD
Furniture item TABLE
Girl, aggressive, kicking out knight VIOLET
Green expanse SWARD
Grip had to change, racket drawn back ADHESION
Highly aggressive tussle with boxers? dog-fight
Highway robber BRIGAND
I’m top name in performance __ Cinderella? PANTOMIME
Ignition device not as heavy LIGHTER
In this place HERE
Less weighty LIGHTER
Old fool cuddles English cat OCELOT
Passageway AISLE
Pelican allowed part in channel CANAL
Place an absolute eyesore we hear SITE
Poet hiding key in facial hair BEARD
Position SITE
Present from the reverend HERE
Pulls up the grass SWARD
Puppet artist returned money DOLLAR
Repulsive pants? HALITOSIS
Robber in group seizing equipment BRIGAND
Sanction ENDORSE
Second stroke TICK
Sign used by vendors everywhere ENDORSE
Slow and clumsy boat, but capsized TUB
Snake amid sea spray ASP
Spotted wildcat OCELOT
Storage space for craft on landing? AIRFIELD
Sweet son entering wasteland DESSERT
Tentacled creature OCTOPUS
Unique flatfish SOLE
Urge simple changes around uranium IMPULSE
US currency DOLLAR
Waterway CANAL
Whiskers BEARD
Work out SOLVE
Yorkshire resident DALESMAN