The Sun – Two Speed – Apr 2 2018

Clues Answers
Abdominal complaint COLIC
Accomplished ABLE
Accomplishment FEAT
Accomplishment sounds like some distance FEAT
Aggrandise ENNOBLE
An honour receiving old music maker OBOE
Bag claimed by Russians at Chelsea SATCHEL
Barter TRADE
Be concerned about starter of vanilla slice CARVE
Benign, though hard like the Venus de Milo? HARMLESS
Bill Danson went on stage ACTED
Body tissue FLESH
Bury at home against Exeter? Ignore first half! INTER
Bush fence HEDGE
Business poorly rated TRADE
Coercion DURESS
Complaint of colonel in charge COLIC
Country without a feature CHIN
Craved (for) YEARNED
Cut (a roast) CARVE
Cut through organ in the hut SHEARED
Detonate BLOWUP
Dignify returning the Spanish hat unfinished ENNOBLE
Dock area QUAYSIDE
Clues Answers
Don’t start acting or producing eggs LAYING
Enlarge, or destroy? BLOWUP
Feigned ACTED
Fishing lure SPINNER
Fit to return Napoleon’s isle ABLE
Game like billiards SNOOKER
Game’s first half of series without recess SNOOKER
Hold out when sister in trouble RESIST
Innocuous HARMLESS
Lengthy salute for an archer? LONGBOW
Longed for end of day, having worked for pay YEARNED
Lower jaw CHIN
Medieval weapon LONGBOW
Partly endures some coercion DURESS
Placing LAYING
Queasy, I’d turned by the wharf QUAYSIDE
Reed instrument OBOE
Row of bushes in verge beside hospital HEDGE
School bag SATCHEL
Shelf displayed meat FLESH
Soft metal e’d begged for PLEADED
Sounds like Neil and headless monarch in a praying position KNEELING
Stooping in reverence KNEELING
Top bowler SPINNER
TV studio sign ONAIR
Where happy person walking when broadcasting? ONAIR
Young friend PLAYMATE
Young friend to take the role of ship’s officer? PLAYMATE

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