The Sun – Two Speed – Apr 20 2018

Clues Answers
African snake MAMBA
Amount to nothing in Japanese sport SUMO
Bamboo stem CANE
Cereal grain OAT
Cereal grass found in Arbroath OAT
Charts MAPS
Concerning free rambling jacket REEFER
Could these provide relief? MAPS
Decorative object ORNAMENT
Eccentric NUTTY
Fanatic had ship crossing river HARDLINER
Fellow consumer? CANNIBAL
Female you see texted in French city LUCILLE
Geeky type NERD
Get anorak from Designer Delights NERD
Greek hero cool in rising sea ACHILLES
He seizes old American dwelling HOUSE
Helena Christensen holds up stick CANE
Her plans unexpectedly change? SHRAPNEL
Hit repeatedly — bet trade collapses! BATTERED
Iliad hero ACHILLES
Incurred cost EXPENSE
Indian activist Mahatma GANDHI
Insane LOCO
Little boat in ocean smashed CANOE

Clues Answers
Maid turned on by duke gets jewel DIAMOND
Mum twice trapping black snake MAMBA
Not difficult EASY
One eating own species CANNIBAL
Oriental wrestling SUMO
Out to lunch — like some fruit? NUTTY
Outgoing submarine docks in river EXPENSE
Paddled craft CANOE
Potty-train? LOCO
Precious stone DIAMOND
Residence HOUSE
Scotsman after pubs becomes wild fellow BARBARIAN
Shell fragments SHRAPNEL
Short, thick coat REEFER
Some are as yeomanry — simple! EASY
Southern US state ALABAMA
Spiritual leader from Ealing and Hillingdon GANDHI
State of a sailor nursed by Tibetan priest ALABAMA
Struck many times BATTERED
Tango with Teheran’s dancing cow THREATEN
Trinket’s old remnant restyled ORNAMENT
Woman’s name LUCILLE
Young man LAD
Youth from LA demure at first LAD

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