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The Sun – Two Speed – Apr 20 2020 – Puzzle Answers

Published in The Sun Two Speed Crossword.

Clues Answers
Affray BRAWL
American employer cleaned out client USER
Beneath UNDER
Brown butterfly RINGLET
Buried, end terrible in ancient city UNDER
Burns’ hero adopting the Italian language? TAMIL
Butler finally leaves tavern drunk SERVANT
Club employee BOUNCER
Cobblers fitting sole in alcove BALONEY
Confess sins REPENT
Consumer USER
Cosy situation Amy accepts in human rights group AMNESTY
Cry about Republican in fight BRAWL
Cure-all PANACEA
Doorman for very lively ball BOUNCER
Duke in defeat backed royal house TUDOR
Dynasty of Henry VIII TUDOR
Earl wants cigar and nuts CARDIGAN
End in story told TAIL
Endless bad luck, but uncompromising HARDLINE
Entreaty PRAYER
Extremely cavalier newsman to whom cash is owed CREDITOR
Female name GEMMA
Girl in good novel by Jane Austen GEMMA
Girl, ten, let loose curl RINGLET
Head cold not too bad around noon CONK
Incautious CARELESS
Knitted garment CARDIGAN
Light entering for each supplication PRAYER
Loving gesture worries son CARESS
Maid or butler SERVANT
Military student acted weirdly CADET
Nonsense (informal) BALONEY
Nose (informal) CONK
Official forgiveness AMNESTY
Old man receives a card – get well with it? PANACEA
Person due money CREDITOR
Police trainee CADET
Proclaim DECLARE
Productive hen always in both hands LAYER
Remiss not having vehicle round east CARELESS
Schubert beheaded horribly: here’s killer BUTCHER
Shut up again? Feel remorse REPENT
Slaughter BUTCHER
Sri Lankan or Indian person TAMIL
State directive emptied Irish county DECLARE
Straggle TRAIL
Stratum or seam LAYER
Strict and tough HARDLINE
Substance from Istanbul kiosk BULK
Time to complain or follow TRAIL
Track or follow TAIL
Well-built coach in decline ROBUST