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The Sun – Two Speed – Apr 21 2018

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Clues Answers
A nobleman’s said to show up APPEAR
Actor Sir Laurence OLIVIER
Actor’s one in Dickensian musical OLIVIER
Animal hunting wild fowl WOLF
Aquatic bird MOORHEN
Argentinian dance TANGO
Asphyxiate STRANGLE
Aspiration AMBITION
Aussie bouncers? Opener in terror bats here! ROOST
Batty woman? NORA
Beat with energy in musical piece TANGO
Beer Dane ordered in Scots city ABERDEEN
Bird needs hormone desperately MOORHEN
Blunder ERROR
Come into view APPEAR
Daughter, tease, causes pain DRAG
Eat hastily WOLF
Fantastic range of French bomb GRENADE
Film-maker arrived with artist CAMERA
Flabbergast FLOOR
Gnawing mammal RODENT
God has party back at home ODIN
I’m in boat wrecked in dream AMBITION
Insect ANT
Leonard, in short LEN

Clues Answers
Man from Nimble Nook LEN
Married Spanish woman SENORA
Married woman’s reason to reform SENORA
Meadow flower BUTTERCUP
Norse deity ODIN
Pakistani city LAHORE
Part of building fell FLOOR
Picture-taker CAMERA
Plant gets prize after beginning to bloom say BUTTERCUP
Pro in prime hurt — it’s shocking IMPROPER
Rat lair amid rubbish RODENT
Saying pirate goes inside empty pub PROVERB
Shoot up — airmen get splattered GERMINATE
Sin or mistake ERROR
Social worker in ocean trip ANT
Stories about a hotel in Asian city LAHORE
Suppress line in novel STRANGLE
The Granite City ABERDEEN
Thrown weapon GRENADE
Wimbledon sport TENNIS
Woman’s name NORA
Wrong catch turned game TENNIS