The Sun – Two Speed – Apr 22 2018

Clues Answers
Among AMID
Assertive DOMINANT
Boiled egg Nero’s to eat greedily ENGORGE
Ceramics maker POTTER
Conjecture GUESS
Copper grabbed by tipsy Freddie? MERCURY
Cor! Menus out for diner? CONSUMER
Diminutive LITTLE
Distinctive mark SIGNATURE
Editor has people in to make corrections EMEND
Estimate Greek initially uses incorrectly GUESS
Furiously angered? ENRAGED
Gene moved around in motor ENGINE
Girl grabbing boy’s heart shows intention GOAL
Give in return YIELD
Good boy is contented GLAD
Gracefully thin SLENDER
I say nothing EGO
Improve text EMEND
Is over Midge Ure’s autograph! SIGNATURE
Jazzman Benny’s decent bloke GOODMAN
Leading man I don’t cast DOMINANT
Locomotive ENGINE
Man in mutual ripped up final demand ULTIMATUM
Man’s name IAN
Match in the qualifiers EQUAL
Musician’s male in street on left MINSTREL


Clues Answers
Objective GOAL
One buying goods CONSUMER
Peremptory demand ULTIMATUM
Pleased GLAD
Portrayal ROLE
Quicksilver MERCURY
Reverberate RESONATE
Rotating TURNING
Sailors at home in boat going round TURNING
Scotsman in Romania now IAN
Self-importance EGO
Sixty seconds MINUTE
Small bank having lost pound or two? SLENDER
Small-time? MINUTE
Snooker player is young wizard POTTER
Some drivel in edition with rules LINED
Surrounded by some salami dishes AMID
Swell with blood ENGORGE
Swing clarinettist GOODMAN
Tears one faked to respond sympathetically RESONATE
Troubadour MINSTREL
Turn on radio for part played ROLE
Turner in hall at Hexham LATHE
Very angry ENRAGED
Very much the opposite! LITTLE
Wood-shaping tool LATHE
Wrinkled LINED

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