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The Sun – Two Speed – Apr 22 2020 – Puzzle Answers

Published in The Sun Two Speed Crossword.

Clues Answers
A new resident in shelter one rents TENANT
Agnes went crazy in shop NEWSAGENT
Anagrammed in Games and Puzzles ENIGMAS
Appalling as many a Shakespeare drama TRAGIC
Appendage LIMB
Apprentice hides nervous twitch TIC
Aspiration AMBITION
Atomiser AEROSOL
Barren ARID
Convinced SURE
Copy one friend drinking it IMITATE
Corps joining battle in response REACTION
Deep-seated INNER
Diamonds on ground in shortage DEARTH
Diamonds to decorate cake? ICE
Disastrous TRAGIC
Everything in damp pouch WALLET
Exceptionally good thing (informal) HUMDINGER
Frozen water ICE
Genuine bona fide
Hand cover GLOVE
Help crossing river that’s dry ARID
How regent acts? It demands explanation! ASKING
I’m in boat wrecked in dream AMBITION
Large citrus fruit UGLI
Marciano drunk demands pasta MACARONI
Member some local I’m backing LIMB
Mister Solo shot after a little hesitation AEROSOL
Mysteries ENIGMAS
Papers vendor NEWSAGENT
Pasta tubes MACARONI
Paucity DEARTH
Posh schoolboy Antoine corrected ETONIAN
Privileged pupil ETONIAN
Questioning ASKING
Real female identity in Beano possibly bona fide
Ruse complicated for certain SURE
Something on hand in good romance GLOVE
Sound bell for knockout? HUMDINGER
Spasm TIC
Strike out DELETE
Synagogue official RABBI
Take out permit to enter river DELETE
Tangelo variety that sounds unattractive? UGLI
Teacher’s waffle endless RABBI
Topless trespasser is high-value target INNER
Transport artist in box TRAIN