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The Sun – Two Speed – Apr 23 2020 – Puzzle Answers

Published in The Sun Two Speed Crossword.

Clues Answers
An entrance without it causes stir AGITATE
Animal eating right chicken part BREAST
Aunt almost protecting belly in fall AUTUMN
Baby appears in this programme SPROG
Brag about President meeting alien TRUMPET
Brass instrument TRUMPET
Bright person first to search grassland SPARK
Career in orchestra decided TRADE
Chatter (informal) GAS
Classical dancing BALLET
Clobber river people invading small island RAIMENT
Clothing RAIMENT
Commerce TRADE
Common fellow I corrupted low-life
Component ELEMENT
Decimal point indeed great INTENSE
Deserted by Jack and done in ABANDONED
Dicky, rowdy, has present for husband DOWRY
Disorder (informal) SNAFU
Domesticated polecat FERRET
Eastern ascetics YOGIS
Effigy IMAGE
Empty talk in giving assessment GAS
Everyone in punt to see Swan Lake? BALLET
Female locked in Bridewell EWE
Female sheep EWE
Fish brought in to eat for complete change shake-up
Get into gear? DRESS
Give speech from floor at eleven ORATE
Glint or flare SPARK
Gold perhaps in natural environment ELEMENT
Hold forth ORATE
Idiotic one involved with insane rioting ASININE
Infant (informal) SPROG
Jellystone bear initially seeing Hindu mystics YOGIS
Likeness that is covering magazine IMAGE
Make nervous AGITATE
Mindless ASININE
Mythical primate shows up in photo of gibbon BIGFOOT
Ne’er-do-well (informal) low-life
One involved in dramas with gun? GUARDSMAN
Passionate INTENSE
Pre-eminent RANKING
Rabbit-catcher to agonise about monarch FERRET
Rebus writer good having status RANKING
Reorganisation (informal) shake-up
Said to require massage KNEAD
Sasquatch BIGFOOT
University supporters in lift chaos SNAFU
Wife’s wealth DOWRY
Work dough KNEAD