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The Sun – Two Speed – Apr 24 2020 – Puzzle Answers

Published in The Sun Two Speed Crossword.

Clues Answers
African river NILE
Arch support KEYSTONE
Attractive COMELY
Black cab TAXI
Boy from LA demure at first LAD
Bright ray SUNBEAM
Chief with Jaguar car, an original model ARCHETYPE
Composer in September gathering BERG
Country bar in Spanish city LEBANON
Customary practice USAGE
Deliberate INTENDED
Ear piece used by Anglo-Belgian LOBE
Egyptian runner having zero energy NILE
Employment gives us time USAGE
Estate finally claimed by sweet relative NIECE
Excise duty applied to one vehicle TAXI
Excited uncertainty SUSPENSE
Fellow consumer? CANNIBAL
Fiancee proposed INTENDED
Film Kop supporter? KEYSTONE
Forgetfulness of men out in Asia AMNESIA
Game and horse trials BADMINTON
Get ale brewed for youngster EAGLET
Hanging American writers in southeast SUSPENSE
Ice hazard BERG
Lawn with pig troubled bird LAPWING
Letter to Greek duke reshaped tale DELTA
Man being one from Paisley ISLE
Memory loss AMNESIA
Middle-eastern land LEBANON
One eating their own species CANNIBAL
Organ division LOBE
Perfect example ARCHETYPE
Pretty girl introduced into company COMELY
Probably i dare say
River mouth DELTA
Sacred water lily LOTUS
Sea-girt land ISLE
Shuttlecock sport BADMINTON
Sibling’s daughter NIECE
Tease in slapstick ideology KID
This gets us into gear! DRESSING
Travelling light? SUNBEAM
Vicious English bank SIDE
Year said to be rough: it seems likely i dare say
Yoga pose reformed louts LOTUS
Young bird of prey EAGLET
Young goat KID
Young man LAD