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The Sun – Two Speed – Apr 26 2018

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Clues Answers
Agamemnon’s daughter ELECTRA
Animal eating right chicken part BREAST
Appear from East and combine EMERGE
Authorise riotous pop rave APPROVE
Become known EMERGE
Biker stripped for Eisenhower IKE
Care for the sick NURSE
Clever comeback RIPOSTE
Complex woman stirred treacle ELECTRA
Concise witty saying EPIGRAM
Earnestly ask ENTREAT
Eisenhower’s nickname IKE
Enduringly popular EVERGREEN
European man turned to escape EVADE
Firm keeping duck in store HOARD
Fix deeply EMBED
Girl keeps going in Italian city VERONA
Good Merlin developed in troublemaker GREMLIN
He portrayed Rhett Butler GABLE
Hour for sleep BEDTIME
I wander up to see native people MAORI
Indigenous New Zealander MAORI
Inuit shelter IGLOO
Irish female name DEIRDRE
Large rabbit male in female group HAREM
Late hour to send society girl back? BEDTIME
Lyric poem ODE
Clues Answers
Maverick REBEL
Mischievous sprite GREMLIN
Naughty subject in there below REBEL
Officially endorse APPROVE
Plant inside has me up on couch EMBED
Remark from English farm animals? EPIGRAM
Reply’s tripe — so slammed! RIPOSTE
Respectable crater surrounding church DECENT
Romeo and Juliet location VERONA
Shark in harbour NURSE
She can sing and moan terribly MADONNA
Shrub remaining fresh and vital EVERGREEN
Small island ISLET
Small island has tenant! ISLET
Some in Jobcentre attacked request ENTREAT
Something going round? Or tribe sick? ORBITER
Spacecraft ORBITER
Spurned daughter is yearned for DISMISSED
Sufficiently clothed DECENT
The White House? IGLOO
Two Reds mixed up with one girl DEIRDRE
Valuables stored HOARD
Verse in Hesiod explained ODE
Virgin Mary MADONNA
Wall part beginning to bend in high wind GABLE
Women’s quarters HAREM